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Truss Capabilities: Exhibit & Show Booth Displays by VersaTruss Plus

Introduction to VersaTruss Plus Exhibitor Truss Capabilities

VersaTruss Plus is the leading display truss manufacturer in the industry. We can manufactures modular display booths, aluminum trade show booths, custom truss displays and truss trade show booth kits under the roof of our modern manufacturing

Exhibitor Truss

Exhibitor Truss

facility. With all of the latest equipment and technology we can design and manufacture custom truss displays in any configuration including curved and angled designs.

No matter what your need, VersaTruss Plus can provide you with the perfect truss display system to meet your budget and specifications. Many of our customers prefer to use our modular display booth kits that come in a wide range of sizes, shapes and truss configurations. However we also specialize in custom truss trade show booths of any size.

No matter what you need, VersaTruss Plus has the capability to provide you with a modular truss exhibit system to meet your budget and needs.

Trade Show Booths

trade show booths

Trade Show Booths

Specializing in all sizes of truss trade show displays VersaTruss Plus can deliver exhibit truss in a wide range of diameters. Backed by over thirty years of experience and our quality guarantee, you can rest assured that our trade show booth displays are the best money can buy but not at the prices you would expect. Truss exhibition booth displays are our specialty with thousands of portable trade show booths, modular display booths, kiosks and custom truss trade show exhibits in use today.

Custom Truss Displays

custom display truss

custom display truss

When it comes to custom truss displays, we can create any configuration of exhibit truss no matter what the size or shape. We have created massive round globe truss exhibits with intricate curves. Our exhibit truss has been used to create commercial mobiles used in shopping centers and office buildings.

Our custom truss trade show booths have been shipped worldwide. We have exhibit truss displays of all sizes and shapes on every continent in the world.

Our custom aluminum trade show exhibits are renowned for their quality and cost. No matter what the application, we can custom design and manufacture trade show truss to effectively meet any and every application possible, big or small.

Don’t settle for second best when it comes to display truss unnecessarily. We will manufacture your custom truss booths to your exact specification and at a cost that won’t break your budget.

Our success over the past three decades has been based on providing exhibitor display truss for custom truss trade show booths backed by our experienced customer service reps.

custom truss display

Truss Trade Show Kits

With an expansive line of exhibit truss kits, if you shop online, we will have your truss trade show kit on its way to your desired location within twenty four hours. Our online support services and store offer factory direct prices on all of our trade show booth kits and accessories.

truss trade sho booth kits and exhibits

Our most popular 10 x 10 truss kits offer entry level companies the perfect economical solution to prepare for their first trade show exhibit. Our 10×10 portable trade show booths offer a perfect solution with all of the truss components and hardware to build a complete modular 10 x 10 truss display system. All of our exhibit truss kits come ready to assemble and accessorize.

If you are looking for a basic solution to your exhibit needs one of our trade show booth kits will position you for instant success and the sky is the limit when it comes to graphics and accessories. All you need is a little imagination.


truss kiosks

Kiosks are typically slightly different from standard trade show booths in the sense that they need to be accessible from all sides. They are usually set up to be self-sufficient or part of a larger display for example, many kiosks are used for banking machines. Information stands at public events, shopping malls and tourist attractions are typically manufactured out of exhibit truss because of great looks and longevity.

Many times a kiosk will be set up in shopping malls selling designer makeup, sunglasses, calendars etc.  Exhibitor truss is an excellent affordable solution when used for kiosk design.

When it comes to custom truss kiosks, we have created some of the most widely distributed kiosk structures in the word, we have created kiosks for small private sector small business applications including sunglass booths, wash stations, blood pressure checking stations, makeup displays and more. We also have commercial kiosks worldwide for larger corporations like TG Fitness, The Source Electronics, Sony and National Defence.

Truss Archways, Truss Start Lines, Truss Finish Lines, Truss Entrances

Truss Start Lines Truss Finish Lines

truss start lines truss finish lines

Creating the perfect start and finish line is a critical when planning competitive events. The truss archway that marks you start and finish line must have your race logo but more importantly it must be planned out to support the graphics for your major race sponsors.

Using truss to create your start and finish line is an economical sturdy solution that can easily be assembled and disassembled year after year.

As race time approaches you will only have to worry about your sponsors and graphics, your truss archway will always look great and be ready year after year.

With a vested interest in supporting sporting activities, VersaTruss Plus has created custom truss start and finish lines for the smallest local community marathons to some of the biggest in the world for example the Boston and New York Marathons.

We have supplied truss for hundreds of NASCAR races, NHL, NFL, CFL Fed-Ex Cup, and numerous sporting events like tennis and golf events.

Truss Entrances and Truss Exits

Entrances and exits made from custom truss are a perfect portable or permanent aluminum structure to guide the public with precision to focal points, pay booths and more. Truss archways are a safe, sturdy solution to make your entrance way professional and flexible. Mounting graphics and interchanging graphics is a simple task.

In addition many public events require security equipment that is easily mounted on the truss structures for example at concerts and major sporting events.

truss entrances truss exits


Lighting Truss

lighting truss

Lighting truss is a critical consideration in bars, movie studios, DJ booths, resorts, shopping malls and any other application requiring the ability to mount multiple lighting effects that must be flexible and quickly rearranged on demand. Modular aluminum truss is the perfect solution for all of you lighting needs. From custom to modular applications, aluminum lighting truss is the perfect solution.

With our custom truss capabilities, we have created custom lighting truss for simple DJ booths to dance clubs to lighting and staging applications for MGM studios. There is never a dull moment at VersaTruss Plus. We created some of the most unique lighting truss and staging truss in the industry.

When it comes to custom truss lighting applications, there is nothing out of the ordinary when it hits our factory floor. All you need to do is ask and you shall receive.

VersaTruss Plus Cares

No matter what you need, from the smallest truss kiosk, truss trade show booth kits to the largest custom truss exhibit display, and lighting truss and staging truss, VersaTruss Plus treats all of our customers with the same respect. We have built our truss manufacturing business on quality, customer service and economical solutions for all budgets.