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Trade Show Truss

VersaTruss Plus fabricates all styles of lightweight aluminum trade show truss. Choose from two cord “ladder”, three cord “triangular or four cord “box” trade show truss configurations. Trade Show Truss Our trade show truss is not only lightweight and versatile but is extremely resilient to harsh conditions and will not lose it brilliant luster. Fabricated from structural aluminum our trade show truss can be used for exhibits, displays, structures, kiosks, entrances, start/finish lines and lighting. In addition our trade show truss system can be manufactured in any configuration from long spans to tight angels, arches and full circles. The possibilities are endless making our truss product line one of the most popular and enduring on the market today. Fully adaptable and modular by design, changing exhibit or lighting configurations is a simple exercise simply by adding or removing components as required. We stock all of our standard components, angles, curves and spans positioning VersaTruss Plus to ship major truss components within 24 hours if not the same day. Over the years, we have recognized the need to provide design support services to our customers. Our highly trained design engineers will work with you to create any style of display, exhibit, structure or custom lighting truss configuration. The VersaTruss Plus trade show truss system will not only give you years of trouble free service, but will keep you ahead of the competition with its resilient characteristics and polished eye appeal.

Trade Show Truss Component Examples

TradeShow Truss

When you contact VersaTruss Plus, you can expect to receive the highest level of customer service possible. You can choose from our extensive modular trade show truss components or designs, we will help you design the perfect structure or lighting configuration to meet your needs or we will built to your existing print. Under the roof of our manufacturing facility, we can fabricate any style or design of trade show truss to meet your needs at the highest level of quality that our customers expect yet at economical prices.

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