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Trade Show Exhibit Booths

Trade Show Exhibit Booths are the forefront of your business presence. Achieving an exceptional first impression at trade shows and exhibitions is critical to your Trade | Show | Exhibit | Boothsbusiness success and continued growth. At VersaTruss Plus we specialize in making your first impression to the public a lasting one by fabricating high quality truss trade show exhibit booths and structures that stand out in the crowd. Our trade show exhibit booths fabricated from our renowned truss system are the perfect solution for your trade show needs. Our trade show exhibit booths  provide the perfect foundation to build a memorable display booth from the ground up that will help you brand your company name and professionally display your products and services to potential customers.

Why use Truss Trade Show Exhibit Booths

Trade show exhibit booths produced by VersaTruss Plus offer a number of advantages. Your exhibit booth design is not static when you apply our exhibit truss system. You can easily enlarge your show booth as your business requirements change simply by adding additional truss components because our exhibit booth system is inherently modular by design. When it comes to lifespan, our trade show exhibit booths can last a lifetime. We only use structural aluminum in all of our trade show products providing you with a product that is not only robust and structurally sound but will hold its beautiful polished luster for years.

Trade Show Exhibit Booths that offer Flexibility and Versatility

With limitless options at your disposal, our trade show exhibit booths offer both flexibility and versatility that can not be found in any other trade show booth display option. Banners and custom signage can be mounted anywhere and changed in seconds, lighting and monitors can easily and safely be mounted wherever you choose and can be re-located in seconds. As you can see our trade show exhibit booths will give you complete control over your display presentation. Above all our trade show exhibit booths are portable. Assembly and tear-down is a simple task, all of the aluminum components are extremely lightweight and easy to handle. When it comes to quality and economics, our trade show exhibit booths go through numerous quality checkpoints including a full up assembly check before they are released for shipping to the end user. We have an exhibit booth option to fit every trade show exhibit budget.

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