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Are you gearing up for this season’s trade show calendar? Consider taking VersaTruss Plus along for the ride and display your products and services within the Trade Show Booths | Trade Show Exhibitsconfines of one of our spectacular trade show booths.

When it comes to competition, trade shows are at the top of the list. Every company wants to be the best; they want to create an exhibit that stands out in the crowd. Trade show booths fabricated by VersaTruss Plus have a reputation of being one of the most creative and memorable exhibit structures on the market today.

When it comes to versatility, the VersaTruss Plus trade show booth truss system is second to none. Choose from our incredible modular truss system or take advantage of our design team and create your custom vision.

Trade show booths that take advantage of our aluminum exhibit truss system are already miles ahead of the competition. Our truss is renowned for its strength, lightweight and cosmetic appealing appearance.

Creating a truly memorable trade show booth, kiosk, stall or cubicle using our truss system is simple and once you have your structure, accessorizing it with monitors, lighting and graphics is a simple task.

 Custom Trade Show Booths

Creating truly memorable trade show booths is an effortless process when you work with VersaTruss Plus. We will fabricate your existing design to your Custom Trade Show Boothsspecifications or our design team will gladly work with you to create the perfect truss structure to meet your presentation needs. Our design team consists of highly trained professionals with many years’ experience in the trade show booth design business. They have been recognized time and time again for creating unique award winning truss display booth structures for the smallest of entrance level companies that are new to the trade show business to some of the largest corporate organizations in the world.

Our fabrication facility can create any configuration if aluminum truss from tight angles to intricate multi-level structures and full circular truss assemblies making your trade show booth pop out at any trade show event.

 Modular Trade Show Booths

For many organizations, our modular truss trade show booths are the perfect solution using our modular aluminum truss display system. Order online or give Modular Trade Show Boothsus a call and we will have one of our modular trade show booths shipped to you within 24 hours. Many companies prefer our modular truss trade show booths simply because of their versatility and freedom to expand or reduce the size of the booth footprint as required. For example, you can easily create a 10 x 20 trade show booth, yet reduce it to a 10 x 10 depending on your exhibit requirements or expand your existing structure simply by purchasing additional components. We will gladly help you with this painless process and grow your booth as your company grows and you exhibit needs change.

Nikon has been using modular truss for their trade show booths for years. From the graphic at the left you can see the evolution of their exhibit from years ago to the present day custom trade show exhibit booth.

Trade Show Booths – Truss Specifications

VersaTruss Plus modular and custom trade show booth truss is available in 2 cord “ladder truss”, 3 cord “triangular truss” and 4 cord “box truss’ Trade Show Booths Truss Specificationsconfigurations, in a wide range of sizes.

The VersaTruss Plus truss system used to create our trade show booths consists of two elements, the main longitudinal channel and the cross member or web.

The precision sequence of the chord and web assembly gives our trade show booth truss the capability to offer load bearing ability over long free span distances to provide a steadfast foundation for any size of trade show structure without sacrificing picturesque ascetics and a true feeling of openness.

Our 3 cord triangular truss configuration will provide the load bearing performance indicated in the chart to the left. Our 4 cord or box truss products offer 30% more weight handling capacity over the 3 cord triangular configuration if it is required.

Trade Show Booths by VersaTruss Plus

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