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Trade Show Booth Kits

VersaTruss Plus has been supplying tradeshow booth kits and custom truss structures for over three decades. We now offer our booth kits online at incredible savings.

trade show booth kits

Browse our selection to find your ideal booth kit size. Once you’ve made your selection and purchased the item, you’ll receive easy-to-use instructions for assembling the tradeshow booth kit. For added assistance, we also offer phone support for all of our prefabricated trade show booth kits. When it comes to ordering and assembling your truss exhibit, we strive to make the process seamless and painless.

All of our Trade Show Booth Kits are modular in design so you can increase the size of your booth as your business grows, simply by adding standard components that we also carry in our online store.

To learn more about our trade show booth kits, contact us today.



Versatruss has been the leader in the trade show booth industry for 30 years for a number of reasons.

  1. Quality – All of our trade show booth kits are manufactured to the highest standards. You can easily spot a Versatruss trade show booth by its detailed craftsmanship which makes our structures not only sturdy but ascetically pleasing to the eye
  2. Service – All of our trade show booth kits are modular in design. Need help simply give us a call. Your call will be answered by a  real person immediately. No waiting, no redirects.
  3. Strength – All of our components are built with strength in mind. Our Trade Show Booth Kits are designed to withstand a lifetime of assemblies and teardowns without concern
  4. Cost– Shop around, we are confident you will not find any Trade Show Booth Kits of equal quality and size that are close to our pricing.
  5. Confidence – You can be confident when purchasing one of our trade show booth kits, that you are dealing with a company that has built a reputation on quality and customer service for 30 years.


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