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10 Triangular Trade Show Booth – Triangular or Box style truss


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Product Description

 10′ Triangular Trade Show Booth

The 10 Triangular Trade Show Booth is the perfect choice if you are looking to strategically place your booth at the end of an isle on a 10 Triangular Trade Show Boothcorner or if your business only requires a smaller booth. The simple display booth has all of the same characteristics as the bigger booths, being free standing, it can be set up anywhere in minutes.

The 10′ Triangular Trade Show Booth gives you the option to place graphics on three walls, install overhead lighting if it is desired, mount flat panel monitors using our universal fully adjustable flat panel mounts. Installing a flat panel takes minutes and is simple to do using our universal truss monitor mounts.

All of Verstruss Trade Show Display Booths are manufactured using the latest technology giving you a product that is not only sturdy but is ascetically appealing to the eye. But don’t let its good looks fool you, the 10 Triangular Trade Show Booth is of a modular design and is manufactured to withstand a lifetime of assemblies and teardowns without concern, year after year. In addition, if your business needs change, you can add to your 10 Triangular Trade Show Booth simply by purchasing extra components to give you a larger booth or a different configuration.

The 10 Triangular Trade Show Booth can easily be assembled or torn down by one person in 10 to 15 minutes with ease. All of the modular components slide together with simplicity giving you a free standing sturdy structure.

The 10 Triangular Trade Show Booth is available in both triangular truss and box truss depending on your cosmetic appeal.

10 Triangular Trade Show Booth Parts List

  • 3 x 12” x 12” base plates
  • 2 x 2 way 135 degree junctions
  • 3 x 3 way 90 degree corners
  • 3 x 0.6 meter truss
  • 3 x 2 meter truss
  • 2 x 2.2 meter truss
  • 1 x 2.311 meter truss


Your 10 Triangular Trade Show Booth will be shipped out of our factory within 1 working day of receiving the order. Simple fast and reliable, that’s VersaTruss Plus

Download the 10 Triangular Trade Show Booth Spec Sheet  Structure-30-Triangle-Trade-Show-Booth-Spec-Sheet

10 Triangular Trade Show Booth – Triangular Truss – $1781

10 Triangular Trade Show Booth – Box Truss – $2380


North American Made

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