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10’ Trade Show Archway Start Lines, Entranceways in Triangular or Box style truss with optional free standing feet

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Product Description

10’ Trade Show Archway

10’ Trade Show Archway – The 10’ Trade Show Archway is perfect for entrance ways, trade show front displays, start lines and finish lines. The options are endless all you need is a little imagination and you have the perfect archway for any occasion.

10’ Trade Show ArchwayAvailable in both our box and triangular truss configurations the 10’ Trade Show Archway is a perfect finishing touch to any business show or public occasion. Dress it up with your graphics and you are ready to go. Some customer’s use this archway as a lighting stand others use it as a way to funnel crowds through a desired location or simply for an extra opportunity for additional advertising. In any case the 10’ Trade Show Archway is the perfect final touch to your trade show needs.

As with all of VersaTruss plus products, the 10’ Trade Show Archway is easily assembled in minutes by one person. The modular design allows for easy assembly simply by sliding the components together and locking them in place.

The craftsmanship in VersaTruss products is second to none, but don’t let the good looks fool you, the 10’ Trade Show Archway is designed to last a lifetime withstanding hundreds if not thousands of assemblies and teardowns.

You’re going to love the ease of assembly, the light weight yet sturdy design and the lifelong quality that is built into every VersaTruss product. The 10’ Trade Show Archway is going to be the final touch to your already perfect trade show display or organized public gathering.

10’ Trade Show Archway Parts List

  • 2 x 12’ x 12” base plates
  • 2 x 2 way 90 degree corners
  • 2 x 0.6 meter truss
  • 2 x 2 meter truss
  • 1 x 2.2 meter truss


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Download 10’ Trade Show Archway Spec Sheet Structure-8-Truss-Archway-Spec-Sheet

10’ Trade Show Archway – Triangular Truss – $754

10’ Trade Show Archway – Box Truss – $995

10’ Trade Show Archway – Triangular Truss “with optional free standing feet 12″ x 48” – $1026

10’ Trade Show Archway – Box Truss”with optional free standing feet 12″ x 48″  – $1267

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