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VersaTruss Plus an innovative leader in aluminum truss systems for trade show exhibits, truss trade show booths or stage lighting

VersaTruss Plus Truss Trade Show Booths

VersaTruss is a light weight modular aluminum truss system that projects an ultra-modern appeal to any display design and offers the professional exhibit designer the benefits of structurally strong and appealing forms and shapes to produce a comprehensive display without resorting to the high cost of custom fabrication. Display designers also find that VersaTruss Plus assembles fast and provides an ideal strength to weight ratio for holding products, graphics, lighting and other display equipment.

For the individuals or small companies looking to setup their first truss trade show booths, the VersaTruss aluminum truss System is the perfect trade show booth solution.  Purchasing a truss trade show booth kit online is as simple as entering our store and selecting the booth of your choice. We will ship your assembly with coded drawings the same day.

Truss Design Flexibility

To help maximize your booth design options, VersaTruss Plus offers over eighty standard components that can be combined in and infinite array of configurations. Each component is designed to meet specific booth function requirements such as support pillars or trusses in a number of designs for holding overhead structural components and for projecting a hi tech professional appearance. The combination of cords and webs can span large areas up to 40 feet for holding large graphic material, flat panel monitors or lighting equipment. There are sixty standard junctions to offer design flexibility without resorting to custom fabrication.

This range of corner designs for example allows corners for:

  • 60 degree triangles
  • 90 degree squares
  • 120 degree hexagons
  • 135 degree octagons
  • 150 degree 12 sided structures

All of these display structures or trade show booths can be built using standard components.

VersaTruss Plus products are available in two, three of four cord configurations.

  • Ladder Truss
  • Triangular Truss
  • Box truss

The profiles in turn can be formed to almost any radius to form partial or full truss circles. Aluminum swivel castings allow maximum design versatility, using this wide range of basic components, many different shapes can be developed to enhance your booth design such as structural designs for large signage for overhead structures, hanging truss structures for large graphic signage, square corners can complement your designs or rounded corners can add additional flare to your signage design.

The support leg design is ideal for holding display countertops when many heavy items are being presented.

Trade Show Truss Fast Easy Assembly

VersaTruss Plus Tradeshow Booths Exhibitor TrussVersaTruss Plus components are designed to assemble fast to keep tradeshow setup cost to an absolute minimum. Many of the VersaTruss Plus truss components are interchangeable for easy assembly. All opens ends of the truss components are covered with protective caps to protect the truss ends against damage during shipment and tapered ends allow for fast simple assembly connections. The components can be bolted together or you can use quick clip connectors to lock components together even faster.

The tubular aluminum shape is ideal for attaching lighting or for mounting flat panel display monitors. This is an important feature of the VersaTruss plus product lines as many display systems are not built with enough durability to handle heavy appliances or they are so heavy they are difficult to setup.

VersaTruss Plus Aluminum truss exhibit truss trade show booths and exhibitor trussVersatruss Plus components come in natural aluminum finishes as well as durable powder coating in a wide range of custom colors.

Wiring can be run through the hollow truss tubing or you can run wiring through the web design.

We know how important setup time is in controlling costs at your trade shows.

An eight foot square overhead sign structure can be setup in less than fifteen minutes. A 24 foot square overhead sign assembly can be assembled and ready to be lifted into place in under 20 minutes, plus due to the strength to weight ratio of the aluminum truss design VersaTruss allows you to hang much larger graphics. Overhand structures and other components are equally easy to setup and take down.

To make your assembly even easier all components are setup and coded in our plant prior to shipment. This is your assurance that all components will meet your layout design requirements.

Once you see a VersaTruss Plus aluminum truss system at a tradeshow you will appreciate why VersaTruss has become such a popular system for displaying products and services, plus you receive a complete material list coded to all of your structural components and CAD drawings can easily be supplied.

Dick Howard who is the marketing Manager at Roberts Sinto Corporation was quoted as saying “VersaTruss not only projects the high tech feel that we were looking for in our exhibit display, but it is a welcome change from the systems we have used in the past because it is so easy to set-up and take down at our international trade shows”

Remember VersaTruss Plus Exhibitor Truss and Lighting Truss

  • Lightweight
  • Flexible design
  • Rugged
  • Durable
  • Easy to set-up and take-down

VersaTruss Plus a light weight innovative truss display system designed to meet your special presentation and staging requirements.

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