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Museum & Gallery Exhibit & Lighting Aluminum Truss

 VersaTruss Plus has proudly provided museums and galleries throughout the US and Canada with exhibit truss and lighting truss for specially applications for years. We have been involved in many custom museum and gallery exhibit projects, working side by side with exhibit curators to create a seamless display solution that blends into its natural surrounding environment. We provide two, three and four cord exhibit and lighting truss configurations which allows us to create any style or design of aluminum truss to meet your museum or gallery exhibit needs. Custom curves, arches, kiosks, truss structures and lighting formations can easily be configured to your specifications making it a simple task to create exceptionally appealing and award winning displays with ease, or take advantage of our highly qualified design team to help you painlessly create your exhibit vision. Museum Exhibit Truss Custom Colored Museum Lighting Truss Banner At VersaTruss Plus, we only use structural aluminum that is welded using our precision processes giving our truss not only exceptional strength but an extremely polished look that won’t lose its luster over time. Each museum exhibit truss component that is fabricated in our facility goes through a multi-step inspection process before it is pre-assembled in our staging area for the final fit check before it is sent to our shipping department for protective packaging and shipment to your museum or gallery. In addition, many of our museum and gallery partners require their truss to be custom colored. VersaTruss Plus uses a powder coating process that leaves a smooth extremely resilient finish on the truss to further blend into your exhibit surroundings. When it comes to exhibit truss and lighting truss for museums and galleries alike. The VersaTruss Plus modular or custom truss system provides a high quality ascetically superb solution for all of your museum and gallery exhibit and lighting requirements.

VersaTruss Plus Museum and Gallery Aluminum Truss Specs

The VersaTruss Plus Museum exhibit and lighting truss system has two elements – the longitudinal member of chord, and the cross member or web. The Museum Aluminum Exhibit Truss Spec Sheetcombination of chords and webs provides load bearing capability over long free spans and enables Versatruss Plus to provide a reliable foundation for displays, exhibits and custom lighting applications while maintaining a visually appealing sense of openness. The 2 and 3 chord trusses will provide the load bearing performance indicated in the accompanying charts. The 3 chord truss provides greatly increased load bearing capacity without a proportional increase in weight over the 2 chord truss. Our four cord museum truss has an increased load bearing of 30% over the three cord configuration as per the attached table.


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