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Lightweight Aluminum Lighting Truss Systems

The VersaTruss Plus lightweight lighting truss system is perfect for all of your custom lighting requirements. Fully adaptable to any environment, our lightweight aluminum lighting truss lends to simple installation indoors and out with no need to be concerned with harsh conditions.

We offer a lightweight aluminum lighting truss solution that can be modular or completely customized depending on your application.

We can create any configuration of aluminum truss to meet your staging and lighting needs from simply straight wall mount / ceiling mount applications to complex specialized circular and angular lighting truss for dance floors, bars, retail, exhibits and displays.

Freestanding illumination truss is also one of our specialities commonly used for concerts, fashion shows, DJ stages and more.

Many of our lighting truss applications are used to span between existing structural components for example wall to wall or between structural upright support beams.

Using the VersaTruss Plus lightweight lighting truss system allows you the freedom to create simple or extremely complex lighting applications with very little effort.

Creating the perfect atmosphere is critical to many applications, using a lightweight lighting truss solution simplifies the process allowing for precision placement of spot lights, LED lights and more in exactly the right location and allows for final adjustments with ease.

We can provide straight lighting truss with same day shipment or we can create a custom lighting truss structures in a very short period of time depending on its complexity.

Contact VersaTruss Plus today for all of your lightweight aluminum lighting truss needs!