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 Lighting Truss

Lighting Truss – VersaTruss Plus has the capability to manufacture any and all lighting truss configurations. We can create curved, angled or straight exhibit truss to your specifications or use one of our prefabricated exhibit stands for a stunning Dj booth.

Dance Club Lighting TrussManufactured out of our three or four cord truss configurations, our lighting structures are modular in design and flexible while in use. You can easily move, aim, or reconfigure your lighting patterns at will.

If you’re not sure what you need, contact us and we will help you design the perfect solution for your lighting truss needs. We will create custom lighting truss structures for your catwalk, fashion show, dance bar or trade show.

We have created custom truss structures not only for the entertainment world but also for the retail world, developing overhead lighting truss applications for stores and malls.

We even create large truss mobile frames that can have lighting mounted on the truss.

Remember when it comes to Illumination; look no further than VersaTruss Plus



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