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Exhibit Truss Banner Stands

Banner Stands have become a major source for promoters to place their banners and companies are willing to pay big dollars to get their banners up front and center. Banner stands can be as simple as a store front frame or a complex rooftop structure. Finish lines and event entrances are no banner stands movie theaterslonger complete without a proper truss banner stand to get the public’s attention.

Banner stands worldwide

VersaTruss Plus has banner stands worldwide from theaters to the Olympics. We have put banner stands in every configuration conceivable from the smallest corner barber shop, shopping malls and roadside billboards to huge truss entrance ways for public events, concerts and entertainment parks. Not to mention hundreds of finish lines at local and international marathons. We also can’t forget the NASCAR series and TG fitness just to name a few.



The advantages to using aluminum truss banner stands are tremendous.

  • Sturdy
  • Longevity
  • Easily modified
  • Easily accessorised
  • Lights
  • Monitors
  • Banners
  • Hand wash stations
  • Security checks
  • Event instruction and directions
  • Permanent, semi-permanent or portable
  • Modular design
  • Easily assembled and disassembled

Banner stands for every application

We can manufacture any style of promotional banner stand for tradeshows, finish lines, archways and entrances. No matter how complex the structure, we can create complex curves, compound angles as well as standard straight truss structures to meet your promotional and structural application.

In our modern manufacturing facility VersaTruss Plus can manufacture:

  • Free standing banner stands
  • Permanent banner stands
  • Modular banner stands
  • Portable banner stands
  • Entrance banner stands
  • Finish lines and archways

In all cases our banner exhibit structures are manufactures out of three or four cord aluminum truss depending on the application. The come fully coded for ease of assembly and can easily be disassembled as required. Changing banners is a simple task so as sponsors change so can your promotional banner stand.

When it comes to custom banner stands, VersaTruss Plus will provide you with the perfect solution to meet your promotional and structural needs from the smallest sidewalk sign to the largest banner stand entranceway.


Contact VersaTruss Plus for all of your promotional banner stands and advertising structure needs.