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Exhibit Truss Applications

Exhibit Truss

VersaTruss Plus has been manufacturing exhibit truss for over three decades. We have created some of the most intricate Exhibits from our three and four cord Exhibit Truss configurations.

Exhibit Truss Applications

Exhibit Truss Applications

With a long list of global customers from start-ups and small business owners to large evolving corporations, our Aluminum Display Truss has been used for everything under the sun from simple mounts for flat panel televisions at over 300 fitness center, Exhibit Displays for Sony, The Source Electronics and hundreds of other huge business Display Booths too Entranceways for major sporting events and coliseums like the Miami Dolphins, Ottawa Senators, and Disney to Finish Lines for major racing events like Formula 1, NASCAR and a host of marathons big and small.

Exhibit Truss

Exhibit Truss and the Fashion Industry

Our Exhibit Truss has been widely used in the Fashion Industry for staging and lighting applications creating the perfect environment for runway lighting and spot lighting some of the hottest fashions in the world from all season fashion events to beach fashions and leading clothing designers.

 Exhibit Truss Fashion Industry

Residential Applications for Exhibit Truss

But it does not stop there, in recent years, our Exhibit Truss has found its way into residential applications for landscaping accents and custom interior design treatments.

Exhibit Truss Residential

Exhibit Truss for Marine Applications

In addition the marine world has also entered our customer base providing archways, lighting stands and banners for public docks and marinas. Our Aluminum Truss can withstand the most severe weather conditions.

 Exhibit Truss Residential Waterfront Marine

We take pride in supporting all sizes and levels of business display needs. We will build anything from the smallest Banner Stand to the largest monumental Display Booth

Our manufacturing facility knows no boundaries. We can create any shape or size of Exhibit Truss from long straight spans to intricate angles, radiuses and full circles.

Our Exhibit Truss has been used for a wide range of applications

  • Advertising
  • Archways
  • Banner Restaurant and bar applications
  • Commercial mobiles
  • Commercial shopping center exhibits
  • Crowd control
  • Entranceways
  • Fashion industry
    • Staging Truss
    • Lighting Truss
    • Accents
  • Finish lines
  • Hardware applications
    • Mounting monitors
    • Lighting applications
    • Signage
  • Heritage building restoration for lighting
  • Hollywood
    • Movies – staging
    • Lighting Truss
  • Marina guides and lighting stands
  • Residential interior design
  • Residential landscape accents
  • Start Lines
  • Trade show booths

With our long standing reputation for providing superior products at economical prices, our customers seem to always surprise us with new applications for our aluminum products.

Custom Exhibit Truss

When it comes to Exhibit Truss, we are one of the oldest companies in the business with a long history of excellent quality, outstanding customer service and economical solutions for all of our customers. You can see why VersaTruss Plus is the leading Custom Exhibit Truss manufacturer in North America

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