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Exhibit Truss Systems and Display Truss Systems

At VersaTruss Plus, our exhibit truss systems and display truss systems have been a leading trade show promotional foundation for over 30 years. We have built our reputation on outstanding customer service, high quality display and exhibit truss systems and providing economical solutions for our customers Exhibit Truss Systems | Display Truss SystemsOur exhibit truss system is completely modular by design, lightweight, easy to handle and assembles in minutes. Each of our display truss system components are designed to slide together with ease and mating parts are interchangeable allowing you to increase your truss system footprint at any given time simply by adding additional parts and re-configuring your design to meet your exhibit display needs. You can rest assured our display truss systems are resilient and designed to last a lifetime. We only use high grade structural aluminum in all of our exhibit truss systems providing you with not only a structurally sound product but a truly beautiful assembly that will not lose its handsome lustre. At VersaTruss Plus, our display truss systems are available in two main categories. You can choose one of our prefabricated display truss systems which offer all of the required components to assemble the predefined structure including assembly instructions. All of the kit components are designed with modularity in mind so increasing the size or customizing the configuration at a later date is a simple task. The second category of our exhibit truss systems is to complexly create a customized design. Our production facility has the capability to create any configuration of aluminum truss component from arcs, full circles to complex multi directional compound angles and extremely long spans of truss. We will build to your print or design or take advantage of our highly trained design team to help you create the perfect exhibit structure to meet your business promotional needs. No matter what your need, the VersaTruss Plus aluminum exhibit and display truss system will meet and exceed your expectations.  

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