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Display Truss

Display Truss is a traditional presentation framework that is manufactured from Al or aluminum alloy. Display truss display trussframework is an amazingly strong yet an economical support system that applies the theory of straight uprights that are typically 2” Al alloy tubes with 1/2 “ Al alloy webbing welded between creating a strong webbing that creates a visually appealing framework. The framework itself is available in two, three and four cord configurations depending on the application.

Used for a wide range of applications, display truss is used for lighting framework and support, staging applications trade show and exhibition booths, kiosks, product and service presentation stalls, entrance and exit doorways or passageways and truss archways.

The VersaTruss Plus display truss system offers a clean modular or custom presentation medium to clearly communicate your services, products or brand in a structured defined framework.

With over three decades of al alloy display truss manufacturing experience, you can rest assured you are purchasing a quality product at economical prices. Our truss framework can be purchased in kit form or we can create any size and shape of custom display truss framework to meet your business requirements.

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