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Custom Display Truss

Custom Display Truss – When it comes to custom display truss, VersaTruss Plus has been the leading truss manufacturer for over three decades. Specializing in custom truss for  trade show booths, exhibit truss, display truss, kiosks, and custom lighting truss, our fabricated truss designs can be found worldwide.

The Leading Truss Manufacturer

custom display truss exhibitor truss booths

Housed under our 12,000 square foot truss manufacturing and fabrication facility is the latest technology in the truss manufacturing business allowing us to fabricate our custom truss to the highest quality standards in the industry with amazingly low prices.

The VersaTruss Plus custom display truss customer profile

Our business model is set up to allow us to provide custom display truss to the smallest entry level companies to the largest corporations. We take pride in being the industry leader bringing high quality exhibitor truss products worldwide.

Our customer base spans internationally serving the Fed-Ex Cup and UPS, NASCAR, start and finish lines for local and international marathons and triathlons, the Olympics, sporting events including tennis, soccer world cup, many of the NHL, NFL and CFL coliseums have VersaTruss products including, kiosks, lighting truss and custom exhibit booths.

Custom Truss Archways

We have created thousands of custom truss archways for entrances and exits at amusement parks, concerts and other major events. In most cases these are custom display truss archway designs that are developed in a partnership environment with our customers to ensure the perfect solution.

Our aluminum truss systems are present at every trade show worldwide either in the form of trade show booth kits or custom truss displays.

Display Truss Product Lineup

Each and every aluminum custom truss display component is visually inspected before it is wrapped for shipping. We are famous for our outstanding quality.

As the leading custom truss manufacturer, VersaTruss Plus specializes in:

  • Aluminum truss systems
  • Custom display truss
  • Exotic custom truss displays
  • Custom truss trade show booths
  • Exhibitor truss
  • Lighting truss
  • Modular trade show booth kits



When it comes to value, the VersaTruss Plus aluminum truss systems are the most economical on the market. Our factory is set up to manufacture custom truss to the highest quality standards yet gives us the ability to provide economical solutions for all applications from truss flea market booths to large expansive custom truss corporate exhibits.

Browse through our online store for truss trade show booth kits at factory direct prices or contact us below for custom display truss information. Let’s work together and create your dream.

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