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Conference/Convention Center Display, Exhibit and Lighting Truss

For your next conference or convention contact VersaTruss Plus for all of your display, exhibit and lighting truss needs. We fabricate a wide variety of products from Convention Center Conference Exhibit-Truss-Lighting-Truss-Staging-Trussexhibit truss entrances and exits, ticket kiosks and wickets, security booths, display exhibit structures and of course specialty lighting truss for all of your conference and convention center needs. Our design team will help you create the perfect venue for your conference or convention floor plan incorporating custom truss structures to blend into your planned décor creating a harmonized yet eye catching display or we will build to print your existing designs for your promotional gathering.  Don’t get caught with second rate exhibit and display truss for you conference or convention, the VersaTruss Plus modular system is not only fabricated with inherent strength and longevity, it is cosmetically pleasing to the eye, with smooth concise welds and a detailed polished appearance.

Contact VersaTruss Plus for all of your Convention Center Display Truss and Conference Exhibit / Lighting Truss needs Today!