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Colored Display Truss and Exhibit Truss

VersaTruss Plus manufactures exhibit and display truss in every color under the rainbow. Our colored exhibit, display

Colored Exhibit and Display Trussand lighting truss can withstand the most extreme conditions resisting fading and chipping which makes it a perfect solution for both indoor and out door applications.

Our colored exhibit truss uses a powder coating finish that has proven time and time again to be extremely resistant with many colored display truss structures in use for many years worldwide.

Using our colored exhibit truss allows you the freedom to match your exhibit display, kiosk or archway to your company colors or fit into any structure décor for a professional color coordinated display.

Colored exhibit and display truss offers a number of advantages. The colored coating is environmentally friendly, truss products that are colored using the powder coating process are resilient to heat, cold, moisture, corrosion, scratching and sun bleaching unlike painted surfaces.

Our powder coating process used to color aluminum exhibit and display truss components is as follows:

1)      Remove all dust, grease residue and foreign particles from the display truss, this insures a high degree of adhesion and flake prevention.

2)      Apply the color pigment and resin to the display truss component using an electrostatic spray gun or fluidized bed.

3)      The exhibit truss is then heat treated for a set duration at a pre-defined temperature which causes the colored powder coating to melt into a thick uniform surface that becomes a hard coating when cooled.

 If you are looking for a beautiful color coordinated exhibit truss | display truss or lighting truss product than our colored powder coated truss system is for you.

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