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Truss Trade Show Displays. VersaTruss Plus offers a wide range of options for Truss Trade Show Displays. We specialize in custom, modular and Kitted Truss Trade Show Displays

Trade Show Booths – Bigger is not always better

Since the recession, we have seen a change in the trade show industry, companies big and small are learning that bigger is not always better. Companies have been looking for cost saving avenues and trade show appearances have not been overlooked. At one time, the rule of thumb was “bigger is better” however bigger means […]

Aluminum Exhibitor Display Truss

Display Truss Exhibitor Truss Displays

Quality Aluminum Exhibitor Display Truss for All
Display Truss – In the ever changing world of technology, standard and custom aluminum modular displays manufactured out of prefabricated truss are still the most popular and versatile product on the market today when it comes to trade shows.

No matter what the venue, everything from the hottest […]

Truss Trade Show Booths by VersaTruss Plus-Quality Comes First


Truss Trade Show Booths by VersaTruss Plus – Quality Comes First
At Versatruss Plus all of our truss trade show booths are manufactured using the latest precision equipment possible however our quality does not stop there.

VersaTruss Plus builds quality into each and every truss display component. Our truss display manufacturing process has four main […]

Display Truss

display truss

Display Truss
Display Truss no matter what the shape, size or location is your best option to create your dream custom display structure to your exact specifications for all applications.

Display Truss used at Boat Show

Trade shows are made up of an integrated maze of displays of all kinds, designs and formats. The most […]

Exhibitor Display Truss

two cord exhibitor display truss

Exhibitor Display Truss
Exhibitor Display Truss – Is the most versatile structure available today for creating exceptionally appealing trade show truss booths. The shear strength, flexibility, portability, modular design and ability to accessorize on the fly makes exhibitor display truss the number one choice of most companies and marketing companies.

In addition exhibitor display truss never […]

Truss Trade Show Displays

Truss Trade Show Displays

Truss Trade Show Displays
Truss Trade Show Displays – Versatruss Plus is now offering all of their standard size Truss Trade Show Displays online ant factory direct pricing.

Our online store is directly connected to our factory. It is now easier than ever to purchase any of our Truss Trade Show Displays and choose options online. […]