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Truss Exhibits – The VersaTruss Plus Exhibit Truss system offers the freedom to choose a prefabricated Truss Exhibits or we will fabricate your Custom Truss Exhibits

Aluminum Exhibitor Display Truss

Display Truss Exhibitor Truss Displays

Quality Aluminum Exhibitor Display Truss for All
Display Truss – In the ever changing world of technology, standard and custom aluminum modular displays manufactured out of prefabricated truss are still the most popular and versatile product on the market today when it comes to trade shows.

No matter what the venue, everything from the hottest […]

Trade Show Beauty thanks to VersaTruss Plus

modular displays trade show booth kits aluminum exhibit manufacture

Trade Show Beauty thanks to VersaTruss Plus
One key ingredient to any and every companies success is it’s marketing plan and trade show exposure. VersaTruss Plus is the leading online dealer of trade show booths in the world. We offer the highest quality and service but we also offer our customers factory direct prices on […]

Truss Exhibits

Truss Exhibits

Truss Exhibits
Truss Exhibits – Did you ever stop and wonder why 70% of truss exhibits at trade shows are manufactured by Versatruss?

If you take a close look at the quality and craftsmanship in every component in our Truss Exhibits you will find your answer.

Versatruss has been manufacturing Modular Truss Exhibits for 3 […]