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Auto Show Aluminum Display Truss System

Lightweight Aluminum Exhibit, Display and Lighting Truss for Auto Shows and Car Dealerships

The Auto Show industry uses lightweight aluminum exhibit and display truss in a wide variety of applications to highlight the latest and greatest innovations in the auto Auto Show Car Show Exhibit Truss Display Truss Lighting Trussindustry and in many cases with customs colors applied.

For over three decades VersaTruss Plus has been providing custom exhibit truss and lighting truss internationally for car dealerships and auto shows alike.

The VersaTruss Plus exhibit truss system has become popular in the auto industry because of its versatility, flexibility and detailed cosmetic appearance. In addition we provide custom colored truss to match any exhibit and display requirement.

The auto show industry requires perfection; each component of the exhibit display must blend perfectly with the other creating a harmonic balance allowing the car in question to stand out in the crowd. The VersaTruss Plus exhibit truss and lighting truss system is built not only with strength and longevity in mind but is aesthetically perfect.

When it comes to auto show and dealership custom exhibit truss and lighting truss for the auto industry, there is no other choice than VersaTruss Plus. We will create any configuration of exhibit truss or lighting truss in any custom color using our powder coating process to create the perfect auto display.

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