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Aluminum Exhibit & Display Truss Definitions and Acronyms

In the trade show and truss exhibit business, many new terms, acronyms and references are emerging. This document is an attempt to simplify the terminology used in the aluminum truss display industry. Bookmark this page as a quick reference.

Trade Show Exhibit Display Truss Terms References Definitions Acronyms

ATSD – An acronym used to represent an Aluminum Trade Show Display – ATSD – A-Aluminum T-Trade S-Show D-Display

Box Truss – A truss assembly that consists of four main cords and webbing joining the components, sometimes called square truss.

Curved Truss – Exhibit or display truss can be manufactured in any radius or full circle as required. The process to manufacture curved truss involves precision bending individual lengths of aluminum pipe or cords and welding the webbing in place to complete the assembly.

Exhibit End Caps Used for safe transportation of truss components to protect the mating ends. Also used as a finishing detail on the ends of exposed truss components.

Exhibit Truss Aluminum truss specifically manufactured to created trade show booths, banner displays, archways, entrance ways, finish lines, crowd control and a host of other applications. Also commonly called display truss. A truss has two elements – the longitudinal member of chord, and the cross member or web. The combination of chords and webs provides load bearing capability over long free spans and provides a reliable foundation for displays while maintaining a visually appealing sense of openness.

MTDS An acronym used to describe Modular Truss Display Systems – MTDS – M-Modular T-Truss D-Display S-System.

Truss Braces – A term used to describe braces that are used on extremely large structures to provide additional strength and stability.

Truss Cord – The longitudinal member of the truss assembly that is the main pipe or tube that spans the length of the assembly.

Expansion Inserts – Used to extend the length of an existing truss component. Usually used in modular displays. For example if a company has a 10’ x 10’ display and wishes to enlarge the display to 10’ x 20’, expansion inserts would be used to add the additional 10’ of truss to create the desired 20’ length.

Graphic Clip – Used to easily mount graphic banners anywhere on a truss exhibit and allows for graphics to be interchangeable on the fly.

Insert Truss – A versatile insert used to connect standard truss components where connections are required for example corner sections to straight sections. Increases strength and stability.

Kiosk – A truss kiosk is a small truss structure having one or more sides open, used as refreshment stand, bandstand, computer terminal, information booth or banner advertisement stand.

Ladder Truss – A truss assembly that consists of two main cords and webbing joining the components.

Lighting Truss – An assembly typically consisting or three cord “triangular truss” or four cord “box truss” that is used to mount exhibit lighting and spot lights for fashion shows, concerts, bars, or any other application requiring specific lighting applications. The truss can be manufactured in any configuration including full circles.

Modular Aluminum Truss System – A system using two, three or four cord aluminum display truss that has interchangeable components that allows for simple enlargement or reduction of the specified footprint or custom additions as requirements change.

MTDS – Acronym for Modular Truss Display System – MTDS – M-Modular T-Truss D-Display S-System

Powder Coating – Powder coating is a process that applies a specified color to aluminum truss. The finish is extremely durable, withstands extreme weather conditions and is available in a multitude of colors.

Quick Clip – Used to replace standard nut and bolt connections. The speed clip simply slides into place during assembly to hold mating truss components in place and easily pulls off during disassembly.

Reinforcing Truss Collar – Used to strengthen mating components in the case of very large truss exhibit displays. These are welded to the ends of the tubes to supply additional reinforcing.

Trade Show – Trade shows are typically a sponsored event by focused associations for specific industry sectors. Usually set up in conference centers, where companies rent a predefined square footage to display their products and services in the form of a TSB – “Trade Show Booth” or TSE – “Trade Show Exhibit”

Triangular Truss – A truss assembly that consists of three main cords and webbing joining the components.

Truss Archway – Similar to a truss entranceway but typically is of s simpler design with two uprights and one cross member.

Truss Base Plate – Used for free standing exhibit applications. The standard size of baseplate or foot is 12” by 12” however larger sizes are available for structures that will be used outdoors for example where wind is a consideration.

Truss Entranceway – Used primarily for crowd control and direction, guiding patrons to central points or entrances for example pay booths, security checks and ticket booths. Also used to display sponsor banners.

Truss Extender – Similar application as the expansion insert with the exception that one end of the Truss extender is mounted on the main round beam or cord of an existing truss and mounts into the mating end of another truss component. Alternately used to connect different cross sections of truss: example ladder truss to triangular truss.

Truss Finish Line – Used as a defined line or conclusion for sporting events for example marathons, auto racing etc. The advantages of a truss finish line are that they can be permanent or temporary structures and offer an excellent venue to host sponsor banners.

Truss Junction – Used to join lengths of truss at corners and angles. Truss junctions come in two, three, four and five way configurations and can be custom made to any desired angle

Truss Webbing – Truss webbing is the smaller pieces of aluminum tubing that is precsion welded between the main cords of a truss assembly. The pieces are welded at a predefined angle giving the assembly its strength and durability.

TSB – An acronym used to represent a Trade Show Booth –TSB – T-Trade S-Show B-Booth

TSE – An acronym used to represent a Trade Show Exhibit –TSE – T-Trade S-Show E-Exhibit

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