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Aluminum Display Truss

Aluminum Display Truss manufactured by VersaTruss Plus is one of the most versatile and adaptable  product lines on the market today. Fabricated from Aluminum Display Trussstructural aluminum with 2″″ (50 mm) OD X .065″″ (1.6 mm) wall thickness main cords with 1/2″″ (12.7 mm) webbing our display truss products are not only an economical solution for any display project but are fabricated with quality and longevity in mind, available in two, three and four cord configurations depending on your application. Our aluminum exhibit truss system can be purchased in modular form, pre-fabricated kits or can be customized to any desired shape or pattern. Our manufacturing facility can create any design  from arcs to full circles, compound angles and can span long distances without central support depending on the application. In addition all of our  products can be custom colored to any shade under in the rainbow using our bulletproof powder coating process that can withstand harsh weather conditions and resist scratching keeping its beautiful shine. When it comes to versatility and adaptability our aluminum display truss products can be modified for any application requiring a sturdy, functional display foundation. Our  truss products have been used in applications from trade show booths, museum exhibits, and fashion shows to banner sign stands, truss event entrance ways, concerts, store exhibits and elaborate lighting applications. At VersaTruss Plus, quality comes first; all of our aluminum display truss products are hand inspected and go through a pre-fit and assembly test before they are released for shipment to our customers. Our exceptional high quality and streamlined manufacturing processes allow us to build a high quality resilient product at extremely economical prices.

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