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How To Mount Monitors From High Commercial Ceilings

If you are looking for an easy method that will allow monitors to be mounted from a high ceiling for example in commercial buildings, then you have come to the right place. VersaTruss Plus has a solution that many companies have adopted allowing them to not only mount numerous monitors for entertainment purposes in gyms and bars, but many security and monitoring companies have adopted the same option.

Suspended Monitor Mounts

VersaTruss Plus will manufacture lengths of aluminum exhibit truss to your specified length and provide universal customized monitor mounts allowing you to place monitors in any configuration as required.

Suspending Flat Panel Displays

For example, Planet Fitness has been retrofitting all their existing gyms with our truss assemblies as well as all new locations. Each assembly is securely suspended from the ceiling and monitors are strategically placed in front of treadmills and climber sections for continued entertainment during long exercise programs.

Monitor Mounts Display Truss

No matter what the applications, VersaTruss Plus has a solution that will meet your needs!

Trade Show Truss Booths

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Exhibit and Display Truss | Not Just For Trade Show Booths
Exhibit and Display Truss | Not Just For Trade Show Booths