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Exhibit and Display Truss | Not Just For Trade Show Booths

Exhibit and Display Truss for all…Not Just Trade Show Booths

With the flexibility of design that exhibit and display truss offers, it’s no wonder it’s used in so many applications and not necessarily in the trade show Aluminum Truss Trade Show Booth Kitsbusiness. Of course, there is the standard trade show booth truss kits that VersaTruss Plus provides that offer an economical means for any trade show exhibitor to have a beautiful truss exhibit booth. These kits range from 4×8, 10×10, 10×20 and larger. Each kit comes with the required hardware and feet to assemble the kit in question.

But these kits are used not only for trade shows, we have hundreds of these kits for other applications for example outside stage covers at resorts for wedding ceremonies, concerts and plays, DJ stands. Golf courses have found our modular and custom truss to be not only an economical solution for outbuildings for example at the Orange County Golf Course in Florida but the ability to assemble and dis-assemble quickly gives them the ability to relocate the buildings as required at different locations within the course for example tournaments. These structures have provided shelter for every kind of application from canteens and rest stations to covered practice driving ranges.

VersaTruss Plus McDonalds exhibit truss boothHow about McDonalds Restaurants, they have used our display truss for portable locations at special events. The MacDonald’s Chain simply sets up their truss structure, add a few counters, their portable cooking equipment and they are ready for business at local charity events, fairs and even concerts. Next time you are at an outdoor event, look at the concession area, you are sure to see a VersaTruss Plus aluminum structure in use in some shape or form.

VersaTruss Plus Yacht Club Display Truss Archway.Marinas have also caught on to the versatility, strength and lightweight characteristics of our modular aluminum truss system. We have manufactured everything from entrance archways, lighting structures and gas pump shelters to covered protection for weary boaters looking to relax on solid ground but sheltered from the elements. The VersaTruss Plus system is extremely resilient to extreme weather conditions without loosing its lustre.

VersaTruss Plus Miami Dolphin Football Club Playing Field ArchwayThe Miami Dolphins Football Club found an interesting application for display truss. Their team created a custom aluminum truss archway for the team to enter the playing field before the game. This display truss archway has all the bells and whistles including pyrotechnics and smoke machines. It’s a site to be seen, when the Miami Dolphins proudly enter the home turf for game time.

Display-Truss-Carwash-ArchwayWe even have display truss arms in car washes. Because the truss is not effected by water in any way shape or form, it is the perfect venue for mounting sensors and lighting within the confines of the car wash as well and archways outside of the carwash entrance again for sensors and lighting.



The potential application list is endless for our exhibit and display truss product line.

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The VersaTruss Plus Display Truss System visits the International Builders Show
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