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The VersaTruss Plus Display Truss System visits the International Builders Show

The International Builders’ Show in Orange County held at the Orange County Convention Center on January 9-11, 2018 offers exhibitors from all venues of the construction industry from intricate hardware to full on heavy equipment the opportunity to educate the public about new products and services. It’s a show that both up and coming purveyors and seasoned professionals don’t want to miss.

International-Builders Show Exhibit TrussBecause of the broad exposure opportunity and the sheer size of this show, exhibitors are already planning their exhibits from the ground up in preparation for this exciting event.

VersaTruss Plus has already shipped several display truss exhibit structures to representative production companies that have been secured to create elaborate displays for their clients and directly to organizations that have chosen to create their own exhibit from scratch.

For an event, this large, success is highly dependent upon advanced planning. Creating the required exhibit well in advance of the show allows time for creating proper graphics finalizing floor plans and executing dry runs including detailed exhibit structure setup.

VersaTruss Plus is always there to lend a helping hand. For the production or promotional company that represents their clients, our team of support professionals will work closely with them to ensure the design is created to the required specifications.

VersaTruss Plus Exhibit Truss International Builders Show 2018For clients that have chosen to take on the task themselves, our design team is ready to lend a helping hand. Its as simple as a phone call, describing the physical appearance, footprint size and application. A 3D CAD drawing is quickly on its way for review with the client and once the design is agreed upon, the production process is initiated. Many booths are shipped within 24 hours as VersaTruss carries a wide variety of modular components in inventory. Custom truss components and intricate angles and curves are manufactured to spec. These larger booths are typically shipped within 3 to 4 days from receipt of order.

The VersaTruss Plus manufacturing facility is based on the JIT theory allowing us to respond quickly to customers needs.

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VersaTruss Plus Meets Sales Force for Exhibit Truss Exhibit and Display Truss | Not Just For Trade Show Booths
VersaTruss Plus Meets Sales Force for Exhibit Truss
Exhibit and Display Truss | Not Just For Trade Show Booths