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Display Truss Manufacturer

Display Truss Manufacturer

VersaTruss Plus is your optimum display truss manufacturer for a number of reasons.

Quality: Our modular truss display system goes through a quality inspection check at every stage of the manufacturing process. Precision gages and measurement equipment are used to ensure all of our components are exactly the same and will slide together with ease.

What this means for our customers?  One of our truss components manufactured today, will mate with a component manufactured over three decades ago. We have customers that have huge elaborate display booths that initially started out as a standard 10×10 kit and are now huge expansive show pieces covering a 1000 square feet or more. Somewhere within these displays you would be able to find the original components from their entrance level 10 x 10 kit. As these businesses grew, so did their exhibits.

Cost: From a cost standpoint, what could be more economical than a modular display system that can be used year after year and modified simply by adding additional truss components for a new configuration. The initial investment is never lost, nor does it loose its majestic luster.

When compared to other types of display methods, VersaTruss plus has perfected the truss manufacturing process to the point that it would be hard if not impossible to match the cost and quality.

Longevity: With a customer base that extends over a period of almost four decades and a track record of outstanding customer support, how can one go wrong. Our truss product line is manufactured to last a lifetime. Not only can it withstand the harshest of weather conditions, but its resilience to rough treatment is second to none.

Easy of Assembly: Each component easily slides together and is quickly locked in place using the included hardware. After a little practice a 10 x 10 truss kit can be assembled in under five minutes.

Don’t forget to ask about our optional speed clips which will further accelerate the assembly process.

At VersaTruss Plus, we remember our roots and take pride in our products. No matter how big or small VersaTruss Plus supports them all.

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