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Versa Truss Plus Display Truss for Marathon Mania

Display Truss Race Start and Finish Lines Marathons

Already 2016 is shaping up to be an exciting year at VersaTruss Plus. We have just shipped a new truss NASCAR start and finish line which we were asked not to release the location of until the first race however its going to be a show stopper with built in lighting, clocks cameras and more.

Display Truss Race Start and Finish Lines MarathonsBut it’s not just the big names that apply our modular truss system to their competitive events. From the smallest of town races to large city marathons, our modular and custom truss system is up for the challenge.

Some towns and cities use our race archways as permanent structures for a wide range of events throughout the year because of its resilience to harsh weather conditions whereas  other more organizational focused events create elaborate start and finish lines with full up time management systems, lighting, banners etc.

Our lightweight modular truss line lends itself flawlessly for this type of application. The truss offers an inherent modular capacity unmatched by any other truss product line. It is easily assembled and dis-assembled quickly and offers the perfect platform for all of your accessories and banners.

From the smallest home town 5k to the largest international race event, VersaTruss Plus is here to support all of your truss needs.


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VersaTruss Plus Display Truss
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