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Versa Truss Plus – Display Truss – 2015 Reflection

The past year “2015 was another successful year for VersaTruss Plus. Again we had the pleasure of providing many new and old customers truss trade show booth structures. But over and above our standard modular systems our custom shop had many new and exciting challenges.

We continued to provide Planet Fitness locations with custom lighting truss and overhead monitor mounts for their gyms. This has been an ongoing endeavor to update all of the Planet Fitness locations providing them with a new modern look and creating a positive experience for their clients.

The Miami Dolphin NFL football organization came to us looking to create a new tunnel structure for the team to VersaTruss Plus Miami Dolphins Field Entranceenter their home playing field at the Sun Life Stadium in Miami Florida. The new entrance design included a number of pyrotechnic devices and two flame throwers. This entrance creates an explosive entertaining show as the dolphins enter the field. Initially starting with a barrage of fireworks with the flame throwers in action and of course we can’t forget the sparkling confetti guns.

Now moving to a more relaxed environment so to speak, the Orange County National Golf Center and Lodge had us manufacture a number of
VersaTruss Plusstructures for their outdoor greens which included four portable display truss advertising stands, a new archway entranceway with lighting mounts and banner stands and a large truss building which provides a sitting / refreshment area out of the sun and a practice / warm-up area for golfers. They chose our four cord truss configuration for this application as they needed something strong that could be easily assembled / dis-assembled and portable.

Let’s not forget about the NHL, we created numerous custom archways for the hockey stadiums throughout the US and Canada. These archways provide an excellent means for not only guiding patrons to and from the arenas but also provides security with an extra advantage for crowd control.

Marathon organizers are now trending to exhibit and display truss start and finish lines for a number of reasons. First and foremost, the structures provide an excellent means for large sponsor banners but in addition these structures are lightweight, portable and inherently can withstand extreme weather conditions.

With so many projects on the go, we just wanted to share a few of the many exciting challenges we undertook in 2015.

From a facility point of view, in 2014 we had built our new staging area which allows us to pre assemble large structures indoors for fit check before we ship the product. Every year we do an evaluation of our equipment and replace or upgrade as required. 2015 was no exception, two new welders a new CNC precision pipe bender and a new angle roller was added to our arsenal of tools.

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VersaTruss Plus working with Winterlude Organizers in Canada VersaTruss Plus Display Truss
VersaTruss Plus working with Winterlude Organizers in Canada
VersaTruss Plus Display Truss