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VersaTruss Plus working with Winterlude Organizers in Canada

Winterlude love display truss by VersaTruss Plus

VersaTruss Plus working with Winterlude Organizers in Canada

Up in Canada, they don’t let the cold winters stop them from having a good time. Canadians  not only enjoy their winters they embrace them.

Winterlude love display truss by VersaTruss PlusEvery January they put on a celebration in the city of Ottawa called Winterlude. This celebration has something for everyone including the longest skating rink in the world. This celebration includes one of t he most amazing ice sculpture contest in the world, a multitude of amazing restaurants and bars, graffiti contest, fireworks and of course skating on the longest skating rink in the world.

The VersaTruss Plus aluminum display truss product line offers the perfect venue for extreme weather conditions. Don’t let its light weight and exceptionally good looks fool you. This truss can withstand the most extreme weather conditions without losing its beautiful lustre. If offers a safe and secure means to create sign stands, banner stands, archways and structures for public functions.

ersaTruss-Plus-Winterlude-Display TrussFor years now, VersaTurss Plus has been providing custom display truss for a wide variety of applications for this spectacular event.

Our initial engagement was to create the entrance archways for the event. All of the entrances into the park have a truss entrance / archway. These archways are permanently mounted at all entrances. The park itself is the home of numerous events. The truss archways provide the perfect venue to mount signage and banners for each individual event without the need to change structures. In addition, these truss entranceways provide local authorities the means to control crowds and monitor patrons as they enter the event.

Over the years, the organizers at Winterlude found new applications for our aluminum truss. It wasn’t long before were contacted to manufacture signs stands for VersaTruss Plus Banner and Sign Truss Standsthe event. Sign stands and banner stands were soon incorporated offering secure locations for information signage, directions and maps, and of course advertising for the event itself. We have manufactured over 100 banner and sign stands supporting every kind of signage requirement imaginable right down to the first aid centers.

The graffiti contest added a whole new dimension to the application of our exhibit and display truss Display Truss Artistic Frames by VersaTruss Plusproduct line. We manufactured a number of frames that were mounted on the City Hall wall and canvass was mounted on each frame. Each contestant was assigned a frame to create their masterpieces. Over the course of the week, over 50 artists took part in the contest, creating and displaying their talents.

Winterlude brings together some of the top international ice sculptors to create their masterpieces. As the sun retreats for the day, the park becomes a winter wonderland of breathtaking ice sculptures back lit by hundreds of custom colored lights.  VersaTruss was contracted to manufacture all of the ice sculpture sign posts. Each sculpture has a custom sign created detailing the name and description of the sculpture and of course the artists name and country of origin. Each sign is then mounted on a base fabricated by VersaTruss Plus

Ice Sculpture Sign Stands by VersaTruss Plus

This year the latest addition to the Winterlude collection will be a back woods traditional cabin to focus on their great Canadian heritage. The cabin cannot stay on the park grounds requiring it to be modular, easily assembled, disassembled and portable. The VersaTruss Plus modular display truss line is the perfect solution for this type of foundation. We have manufactured many structures similar to this for rest stations, activity practice areas, first aid stations to name a few. This type of structure has become of major interest to golf course and other events requiring resilient yet portable structures.

Display Truss Structure


To learn more about the famous Canadian Winterlude Celebration Visit Winterlude Canada

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VersaTruss Plus prepares for the Shot Show Versa Truss Plus – Display Truss – 2015 Reflection
VersaTruss Plus prepares for the Shot Show
Versa Truss Plus – Display Truss – 2015 Reflection