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Why Use Display Truss Trade Show Booths

Truss Trade Show Booths

What are my Trade Show Exhibit Options?

Trade show booths are available in an infinite number of styles and designs. All have a place in the industry however many have a short lifespan and in most cases these designs are outgrown by organizations in a very short period of time causing a second unwanted investment.

Organic graphic displays look amazing when they are new however the constant setup and tear down that is required for most exhibits shortens their life expectancy. If the display is to be placed somewhere where it will be set up for an extended period of time and out of the reach of curious hands, these displays will last for a longer period of time.

Plastic framed booths were popular for a short period of time, however they were quickly labeled with a number of short comings. First they are plastic and the joining components wore out quickly. Although the units were light and easy to handle, they lacked to ability to handle the weight of monitors etc and finally they do not offer a professional appearance.

Banner stands work great especially when they are created out of modular aluminum truss however organizations quickly learned that the banner stand works best as an accent and not necessarily as an exhibit. They lack the ability to create a confined space to converse with potential clients and displaying products and services becomes a challenge.

The pop up display is exactly as it sounds, it basically pops up, however these structures lack the ability to grow, they are typically a finite structure and again, have a shorter lifespan simply because of the nature of the display.

In almost every example above, the display itself is static by design, it cannot me expanded, nor does it lend itself easily to change.

What are the advantages to using a display truss trade show booth?

Before you decide on a trade show booth design, take a walk through any show and you will find all of the examples above. You will easily tell which exhibits are
10x10 Trade Show Display Booth Structure 1new, and which exhibits have been around for a while simply by their cosmetic appearance. Bright colors show wear and tear very quickly and are easily spotted
by the public.

Lets take a step back and examine the modular aluminum display truss trade show booth or exhibit. It’s no secret that display truss trade show booths have been around for years but there is a good reason for that.

The most important of course is they look great. They offer a majestic structure to create boundaries for your exhibit. They also offer longevity. A truss trade show booth will last for years. It’s initial footprint is not static, in fact you can increase your initial investment simply by adding individual components. No restrictions here, increasing its size, changing its structural appearance is a simple task.Free Standing Ceiling Display Structure Structure 14

Custom coloring is also a great option. While to coloring is an additional cost, you can color your truss show booth to match you interior design. The powder coating process is virtually bulletproof, so it will look great for a long time.

When it comes to structural integrity, exhibit truss cannot be beat.  Its modular aluminum design allows for heavy objects to be mounted Angled Square Booth Structure 31on the truss without concern.

Monitors can be mounted virtually anywhere. Anywhere there is a truss beam, a monitor can be mounted.

Keep in mind, the truss is the foundation for your booth, the actual design is created from accessories, signage etc. Changing the complete appearance of the booth is all done by the accessorizing. We have many customers that share one booth between tow companies. They use the modular truss show booth as the basis and each company has its own options branding their individual companies.

Last but not least is cost. We have already addressed the advantages of truss show booths from the expansion point of view, but what about initial cost. In comparison, truss trade show booths are extremely competitively process.

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Steps to Create the Perfect Trade Show Booth
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