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Steps to Create the Perfect Trade Show Booth

Simple Steps For Planning a Successful  Trade Show Booth

For the newcomer to the trade show industry, it can be a stressful, sometimes confusing journey. This article is designed to smooth out the ride and make it a more enjoyable experience.

Planning the perfect trade show boothThe first thing you need to understand is that typically trade show organizers rent out 10’x10’ plots on their floor plan. In simple terms 95% of trade show booths are made up of a singular plot or multiple plots all of which are 10’x10’. So your first step is to design your booth in 10×10 increments add 10’ in a linear direction but always keeping the depth to 10’. Now with this said, you will notice larger displays that are typically in the center of the show, these larger displays are paying by the square foot.

The next step is to design your booth floor plan. For the sake of simplicity, we are going to use a 10’x10’ display truss trade show booth for the rest of 10x10 Trade Show Display Booth Structure 1our discussions.

The easiest way to do this is to layout the outside dimensions of your trade show booth on the floor with 2” masking tape. As you add items like tables, chairs, display cabinets etc, use 1” masking tape to place these items within the interior dimensions of your booth. Keep in mind a good rule of thumb is to keep a minimum of 36” “inches” between any item that the public will be passing through for safety and comfort.

After your floor plan is laid out, graphics and electronic media devices are the next consideration. All graphics, monitors etc, should be set at eyelevel to catch the public’s attention. Keep all wires and safety hazards out of the way. All wires should be neatly placed out of reach of children and the general public. Be very careful of extension cords. If they must be used, make sure they are securely taped down.

Successful Trade Show BoothsSo now you have created your display booth, but it does not stop here. To be successful in the trade show business, you need to get the public’s attention. Place interesting intriguing items and information closest to the isles. If you can, put a sign above your booth to grasp the attention of passer buyers from a distance. You want to draw people in before they come to your exhibit.

Having a properly dressed sales person in the front of your booth can make all the difference in the world. Have small handouts or brochures available to hand out, make them colorful and informative. Offering a contest that advertises your products is another great way to draw people in, especially if you are on the cusp of a trend changing product.

Before and After the Show

Before heading out to your first trade show, do a dry run of the compete assembly. Build your booth, place all of the furniture, cabinets, etc in the proper locations, attach monitors and sound systems and make sure they are all working correctly. Walk around your boot hand formularize yourself with everything so you are comfortable in the surroundings.

Finally and most important, do a post-mortem after each and every trade show. Review what worked, what didn’t and feedback from potential customers. The publics interest is always changing and fine tuning your booth to meet these ongoing changes will make your trade show experience profitable and over all satisfying.

Summary of steps

  1. Mark out the overall footprint of your booth with masking tape
  2. Mark out physical items within your booth again with masking tape
  3. Order and place graphics
  4. Install audio video equipment and test
  5. Check the booth for safety, wires, obstacles etc that could trip people.
  6. Get your handouts ready
  7. Prepare your contest
  8. Do a dry run
  9. Review after every trade show to fine tune your exhibit

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