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Display Booths

When it comes right down to it, the VersaTruss Plus modular or custom aluminum display truss system should be your first choice when it comes time to build your display booth.

Display Show BoothsWith VersaTruss Plus, creating your vision can be as simple as purchasing one of our in stock kits. We offer over 30 standard configurations that can be shipped within 24 hours if not the same day. Our display booth kits offer a cost effective professional solution to meet your needs.

If it’s something out of the ordinary that is required, not to worry, VersaTruss plus will help you design your dream or build to print. Our highly skilled team will build your exhibit to your exact specifications. We have the capability to create custom angles, curves, archways, you name it we can create it.

In any case you can rest assured we will follow your project through to fruition.

With so many options on the table today, why choose VersaTruss Plus?

  • We offer a lifetime of experience with over three decades of satisfied customers and a reputation to match.
  • All of our products are North American made from North American materials.
  • Every component is inspected with a full up fit check before it is carefully packaged for shipping.
  • Our quality goes without saying and is built into every component.
  • Finally, we offer a competitively priced product that is of the highest quality.

Contact VersaTruss Plus today for your free quote: +1 (888) 291-2989

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Trade Show Truss Booths

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Show Booths | VersaTruss Plus Steps to Create the Perfect Trade Show Booth
Show Booths | VersaTruss Plus
Steps to Create the Perfect Trade Show Booth