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Why choose a show booth from VersaTruss Plus?


The entire VersaTruss Plus Show Booth lineup is manufactured from structural aluminum under closely monitored conditions. Each component is crafted to Show-Boothsperfection too meet our strict specifications. All products must go through our in process inspections as well as a final visual and fit check before they are carefully packaged for shipping.

Modularity / Versatility:

When you are thinking about a new show booth, keep the future in mind. Every component that we manufacture is inherently modular by design. In addition a component manufactured thirty years ago will still mate with a component that is crafted today and tomorrow. This gives our customers the freedom to change the size or appearance of their display at any given time without concern.


When it comes to cost, in comparison, truss show booths are by far the most economical trade show booth on the market for a number of reasons. First and foremost our show booths are robust. They can handle rough treatment and keep looking great for years. Many of our show booths have been in operation since day one of our thirty four year existence. Compare the price of a pop up display compared to a 10X10 truss show booth. For example our 10×10 show booths are on sale for as little as $1999 at the time of this writing.


VersaTruss Plus show booths combine the sophisticated good looks and style of a semi custom booth with the convenience and cost advantages of a portable display.

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VersaTruss Plus | Trade Show Booths for Pack and Pharma Expo Display Booths
VersaTruss Plus | Trade Show Booths for Pack and Pharma Expo
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