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Kiosks To Go

From The Source Electronics to Wall Mart and Costco, VersaTruss Plus has provided custom and modular aluminum truss kiosks for every kind of display imaginable. We have housed cell phones and books to bank machines and more. We have been honored by creating kiosks for museums and book releases.

Some of our Kiosks have been used as permanent structures at Golf courses for food confectionaries, bars, pro shops and entrance ticket booths.

The potential for the application of aluminum truss in kiosk design is only limited by your imagination.

At Versa Truss, we will build, bend, curve and customize our product lines to meet your needs. We offer, both one inch 1” and two inch 2” truss configurations both of which are available in two (2), three (3) and four (4) cord designs depending on your design requirements.

All of our products are North American made meaning that finalized products are delivered quickly. Concept components can be manufactured and shipped within 24 hours.

Under the roof of our manufacturing facility, we have divided our capabilities into two main categories, modular and custom creations. Our modular department creates standard sized truss day in and out.
This allows us to offer same day shipping to our customers. If your kiosk requires, curves, circles etc, our custom shop has the
capability to create any shape of truss including compound angles, full circles and complex multi directional curves. Whatever your truss kiosk needs, we can create it.
We have intentionally positioned our business to support both large and small business needs. We take pride in supporting start-up businesses and growing with them.

When it comes to cost, purchasing a kiosk from VersaTruss Plus keeps your cost down. You are dealing directly with the factory, no markups, no middle man, no hidden fees. This allows VersaTruss to offer high quality commercial grade truss products at extremely competitive prices.

Further, when a client has kiosk requirements for a number of locations, we offer quantity discounts.

Our modernized facility has the capability to build high quantities of kiosks at incredible prices. We have leaned out our operations, removing all opportunities for waste not only enabling our facility to be extremely efficient but guaranteeing a high quality repetitive process.  You get the same quality, commercial grade display truss at shocking low prices.

No matter what your kiosk needs are, give VersaTruss a call, and let’s discuss you needs. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

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