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VersaTruss Plus | No Stranger to the Fashion Industry

VersaTruss Plus has been supporting the fashion industry for decades. Our first fashion show trade show booths where shipped over 30 years ago and we have Fashion Industry Display Trussnever looked back. Our display truss offers the perfect foundation to create modern looking displays that are easily accessorized with racks, hangers, light boxes and monitors.
The VersaTruss Plus line of exhibit, display and lighting truss has become so popular in the fashion industry for a number of reasons. First and foremost, designers love the cosmetic perfection of the truss assembly. Welds are smooth and the truss itself looks amazing under lighting applications. Secondly, all of our products are manufactured from structural seamless aluminum which lends not only to its structural soundness but resilience to damage and longevity of its beautiful finish.
We have created some of the biggest fashion show runways “catwalks” in the world both indoors and out, but yet we have never lost our focus on small start-up organizations thus our popularity at bikini contests etc throughout the US, Canada and Mexico. Our truss routinely shipped to resorts for stage and lighting applications as well as kiosks and bar structures by pools pathways.

Trade Show Booth Exhibit Truss

From the trade show point of view, we have literally sold thousands of 10×10, 10×20 and 20×20 trade show booths to both start-up and established fashion focused companies. In all cases over and above our quality and cost, our customers love the modular capabilities of our aluminum truss product lines. All of our standard size booths are inherently modular by design meaning that increasing or decreasing the size of the exhibit footprint is completely in the control of the exhibitor. All of booth kits have this capability. Over and above these advantages incorporating customized truss configurations is a simple as a phone call.

Fashion Show Aluminum Truss Bikini Contest Staging
Many brick and mortar store fronts use our truss as well as large chain stores to create focal points and product divisions or category /department divisions. These applications offer incredible advantages to store designers. The truss can be free standing or suspended overhead. Lighting is easily mounted and focused correctly as well as signage and banners. Imagine the freedom of reconfiguring a store footprint simply by relocating overhead and free standing truss structures.
From an application point of view, our aluminum display and exhibit truss product line, is versatile, resilient and priced to meet your budget.

Trade Show Booths Store Exhibit Display Truss


Give us a call and learn more about our standardized modular trade show booth kits, let us help you design a truss structure to meet your needs or we will build your to print. Our pricing is as flexible as our product line to meet all of your display and exhibit needs and keep you on budget.


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VersaTruss Plus in the trade show booth industry Sale 10 x 20 Trade Show Booths
VersaTruss Plus in the trade show booth industry
Sale 10 x 20 Trade Show Booths