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VersaTruss Plus in the trade show booth industry

VersaTruss Plus | Trade Show Booths | Display Truss

The Name VersaTruss Plus in the trade show booth industry means many things to different people and organizations.

VersaTruss Plus | Trade Show Booths | Display TrussFor some it’s simple, they love our display truss products, they love our modular designs and can’t get enough of them. Over the years we have positioned our company to support both large and small companies alike. We can create any style of aluminum exhibit truss structure with complex / compound angles and full circle truss capability. For the smaller introductory company, we provide pre-fabricated trade show booth kits. These kits have been standardized in size to meet international sizing requirements and are available in a number of heights to meet the needs of our customer base. These kits allow us to provide our industry leading truss at economical / competitive prices. In addition, over our almost 40 year existence we have created numerous kiosk lines to support chain store requirements for example “The Source” and public owned service companies like hydro and natural gas providers.

Our customer service and quality standards go hand in hand. Nothing and I repeat nothing leaves our facility without a full 100% inspection and fit check. Many of our customers order a truss structure and have it delivered directly to their first show. It is imperative that these assemblies are 100% error free.

I could not tell you how many times we have had a call from one of our customers at a trade show that have lost or forgotten one or more of their trade show booth truss components and we have immediately shipped them a replacement. Worse, we have had customers loose a complete booth do to transportation accidents and we have shipped out a complete replacement overnight. These customers simply love our customer service and more so like to talk to Gord, our lead customer service Rep. Gord and his team of professionals are the front line to our outstanding customer support. Their goal is to ensure a happy customer base at all times.

And of course there are the customers that simply love our competitive pricing.

In any case VersaTruss Plus has been in business for almost forty (40) years and we have a long list of satisfied long term customers to prove it.

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