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Trade Show Booths Do’s and Don’ts

Trade Show Booths

So you got your new shiny aluminum truss trade show booth and are ready to get things set up and head to your first trade show. Your new in the exhibit business and want to do an outstanding job….But wait…Are you prepared to set up your booth and present yourself appropriately.

Here are some interesting tried and proven dos and don’ts for new and experienced exhibiters alike.

You’re Trade Show Booth:

Location – Location – Location | You don’t have to be the largest or flashiest booth at a trade show however you do need to be in an area that has traffic flow. Trade Show Booths and DisplaysBeing stuck in a corner is certain death and the extra cost to be in a first or secondary traffic aisle is well worth the investment.

Presentation is Key | Design your booth with your clients in mind, make it roomy, and create an environment that will encourage potential clients to stick around. Make sure all graphics are professionally created and strategically placed in unobstructed areas. Nothing turns clients off more than bad graphics and worn out display accessories.

Make it Feel Like Home | Design your trade show booth or exhibit to be welcoming. Think of ways to get the public’s attention from a distance for example overhead signs, large monitors, color coordination. If you’re well planned, you can attract attendees from afar and entertain from within. Remember, not everyone will be interested in your products or services; you will need to entice them in and explain to them why their life will be so much easier with your products.

Educate the Public | Have professionally created brochures available and hand them out. Encourage your potential clients to read the brochure or direct them to points of interest within the brochure.

The Show Starts Two Weeks in Advance | Don’t wait for the first day of the show to promote your exhibit. Social media offers an easy platform to start a contest before the start of the show. Encourage people to sign up online or have them come to the booth and sign up. Make sure you announce your contest winners at the end of the show.

Make a Note of Everything | Taking notes offers two advantages. The first is obvious, you need to remember new connections, people who are interested will volunteer their contact information, make sure you follow up. Don’t discard these inroads as people will view your follow-up as good customer service. The second advantage is that if you are taking notes of your conversations, people will feel like you really do care and are interested in their questions and concerns.

Train – Train -Train | Populate your trade show booth with the most experience people available. Wear appropriate attire that further brands your business. Shirts with logos are extremely popular. Train your staff to be polite, helpful to pregnant, elderly and handicapped patrons and above all, take the high road. Never, never and I stress never bad mouth your competition. Stay professional at all times.

Entertain the Population | If possible offer demos that entertain the public, nothing brings in the crowd faster than a well thought out and if possible engaging, fun demo. Between demos have movies running facing the aisles and crowds. Advertise your demo schedule.

Follow up with the World | When the trade show is over and you are packed up, the trade show is not over for you as the owner. It is critical that you plan out your strategy for follow-ups. Prepare an engaging conversation and as you gain experience, tailor your follow-up presentation for success.

Trade Show Truss Booths

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Trade Show Booths

10×10 Trade Show Booth Sale VersaTruss Plus in the trade show booth industry
10×10 Trade Show Booth Sale
VersaTruss Plus in the trade show booth industry