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10×10 Trade Show Booth Sale

10x10 Trade Show Booth Sale

10×10 Trade Show Booths On Sale NOW!

Our 10×10 trade show booth has it all. This is a straightforward solution that is light weight, an eight foot section of triangular truss weights a mere 16 pounds “2.4384m at 7kg 257.48g”. This is a simplistic structure that can be assembled in less than 15 minutes making it the perfect blend of weight to handling ratio.

10x10 Trade Show BoothsWhen it comes to growth, the natural modular design of this booth makes it the perfect choice for the customer looking into the future. Growth is as effortless as a phone call. Increasing the square footage of this structure is as simple as adding additional components. Customers love the fact that there trade show presence can grow with their business without the loss of their initial investment.

When it comes to appearances, all of our trade show booths are fabricated from structural aluminum with either a three “triangular or four cord “box” configuration. The assembly gets its strength from the combination of straight or main runs with cross webbing that is welded in place under controlled conditions. Each main run is fabricated from seamless aluminum tube that has a full 2 inches outside diameter (50 mm) with a hefty .065 inch (1.6mm) wall thickness. The ½ inch (12.7) webbing gives each assembly its superior strength.

When our high quality seamless aluminum is combined with our meticulous welding processes and precision fabrication tooling you get a trade show booth that not only offers resilience to extreme interior and exterior conditions but is exceptionally appealing to the eye.

Finally you can rest assured that all of our products are North American made. You are not only acquiring a superior product at an exceptionally low price, but you are shopping at home and will receive exceptional customer service.

10x10 Trade Show Booth Sale

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