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20×20 to 10×20 to 10×10 – Trade Show Booths

We recently had a customer contact us to purchase a 20×20 four cord truss trade show booth. Normally we not question the purchase however in this case our customer frequently referenced his need for a smaller trade show booth and it is important that we make sure our customers get exactly what they need positioning VersaTruss Plus to meet their expectations.

Our customer however had an interesting view on things that we thought was worth sharing with our customers.

His position on the subject was as follows.

He manages a tight promotional budget for his business. In some cases at very large and popular trade shows, the exhibit costs are very high per square foot and competing against larger companies is a costly process. In this case this client would drop down to a 10 x10 or a 10 x 20 size booth reducing his exhibit costs yet still attending the trade show and keeping his name on the street.

At a smaller trade show where the costs are less and in some cases the big companies do not even attend, he would use the full size 20 x 20 and be the big kid on the block. The overall exhibit costs are less. Now the final tidbit of information was very interesting. At the smaller trade shows with the larger booth, his costs are less but he makes more sales for two reasons, he has less competition and his presentation is large and in charge.

By purchasing the 20×20 trade show booth, the components gave him the freedom to build not only a 20×20 but a 20×10 or a 10×10 depending on his needs.

The purpose of this post was simple. We just wanted to share a smaller business perspective on how he makes money and sales at different levels of trade show and exhibits.





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Trade Show Booths – Bigger is not always better VersaTruss Plus supplies numerous products to the (HITEC)
Trade Show Booths – Bigger is not always better
VersaTruss Plus supplies numerous products to the (HITEC)