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Applications for Display Truss and Aluminum Exhibit Truss

As you probably already know, display truss is widely used at trade shows as the framework for modular and custom trade show booths, however the applications for quality exhibit truss over the past decade have exploded into a whole new industry.

The VersaTruss Plus product line includes two, three and four cord truss configurations and is manufactured from  2″ (50 mm) OD X .065″ (1.6 mm) wall thickness beams with 1/2″ (12.7 mm) wedding and is only fabricated from structural aluminum. This provides an extremely strong and resilient product that can be manufactured in any configuration from long spans, tight angles to radiuses and full circles.

With this in mind the public’s imagination has gone wild with new creative applications for our truss products. We have seen our industry leading truss trade show booth and lighting truss product line expand into a whole new industry.

We have created display truss start and finish lines for just about every major marathon and sporting event including Formula 1 Racing, NASCAR, running, cycling, horse tracks, go-carting and more. Thousands of smaller marathons have also chosen the VersaTruss Plus product line for  their start and finish lines simply because of its cost effectiveness and modularity as well as it ease of handling.

But wait, what about the big stadiums and hockey rinks. The Chicago Bears Football Club purchased a massive overhead display truss entranceway for their stadium. They used it to display banners and guide the public through the proper gateways. They found it so effective that they have now added two more. The Senators Hockey Club in Ottawa Ontario Canada also have installed numerous display structures to guide crowds, hold banners and increase their crowd control.

Gold courses are now widely using exhibit truss to erect covered warm-up areas for golfers, banner stands and clubhouses. Take a drive by the Florida International Golf Club and you will see the VersaTruss Plus display truss system applied everywhere from the main entrance to the clubhouse and driving ranges.

We have seen our truss used at marina’s for boat launch archways for lighting and flags. Artists are now using it to create commercial art and mobiles for shopping centers and hotel lobbies. We have even had our truss in numerous parades as the structure for the floats.

When it comes to Exhibit and Display Truss, VersaTruss Plus has been the industry leader for almost 40 years. We have manufactured modular and custom trade show booths for just about every tradeshow throughout the US and Canada as well as many European exhibits.

Think VersaTruss Plus to fulfill all of your aluminum display and exhibit truss needs.

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Experience the VersaTruss Plus Display Truss Difference CES and VersaTruss Plus
Experience the VersaTruss Plus Display Truss Difference
CES and VersaTruss Plus