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Successfully Compete against Big Companies at Trade Shows


How to Successfully Compete against Big Companies at Trade Shows

If you are serious about your business and you want to compete with the big boys on the block when it comes to trade shows, it’s not as hard as you think.

Success-at-Trade-Shows-VersaTruss-PlusWhen you are preparing for your first trade show, think of it like you are going on a first date. To win the heart of your date you need to treat them with respect, create a perfect first impression, dress to impress, talk like a winner and leave a lasting impression.

Let’s break this down for a better understanding:

You need to make a perfect first impression. Renting a 10 x 10 footprint at a trade show, throwing up some tables and laying out some products or brochures is not the way to leave a good impression. Your potential patrons will see you as an amateur and unprofessional and to say the least, you may as well have stayed home and saved your money because you are doing more damage than good. You need to create an environment that is contusive to promoting a professional image where potential customers feel comfortable and engaged. To achieve this you need a proper trade show structure or booth foundation. Normally companies start with a 10 x 10 or 20 x 20 trade show booth that is modular in design allowing for future growth.

Nothing will scare people away faster than cheap graphics. Hire a professional sign company to help you design your graphics and have them professionally printed. Make sure your logo is front and center and continuously brand your company around your logo and above all make it memorable.

Make sure all of your employees are dressed to impress, “No Jeans” dress pants and shirts for the men with blazers, pant suits from the women. Make sure your staff are trained to engage the public, are knowledgeable about the products and present themselves in a professional manner. Above all be helpful, add value in your customer conversations and keep a customer oriented service slant to your discussions.

Set your booth up with the flowing in mind:

  • Create a business atmosphere that engages the public and shuts out exterior distractions
  • Lay out products in manner that allows your patrons to actually touch and feel them
  • When you run into a difficult customer, treat them with respect, you may lose this customer but the one listening in will have a much higher respect for you before you ever engage in in discussions.
  • Keep it clean, organized and functional at all times
  • Employees working in the booth should never have food or drink while they are in the confines of your exhibit.
  • Follow up with immediately with customers that request more information. The same day is best but within 24 to 48 hours is acceptable; anything after that and you will be viewed as having poor customer service. Velocity is key when it comes to responding to customer requests.

VersaTruss Plus has based their success model on supporting new emerging companies with their trade show booth needs. We provide regular sales on our entry level trade show booths which enables our customers to economically enter the trade show exhibit business with their best foot forward. Manu of our customers have been with us since day one. Out aluminum truss display booths are modular in design allowing simple and easy growth upon request. We take pride in our reputation and enjoy supporting our customers as their business needs change and grow. When you succeed, we succeed. So long term relationships are key to our success.

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Efficient Trade Show Structures that Last Weight Table for Exhibit and Display Truss
Efficient Trade Show Structures that Last
Weight Table for Exhibit and Display Truss