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Precision Display Truss at Cost Competitive Prices

Precision Display Truss at Cost Competitive Prices

Imagine the freedom of having a trade show display that assembles in minutes, slides together with ease, is lightweight and portable. In addition it is completely modular  Precision-Display-Trussallowing you to increase the size, shape and design at a moment’s notice.

That is what the VersaTruss Plus Trade display truss system offers.

If these qualities are not enough it’s also a cost effective affordable solution that is backed by over 30 years of solid North American business tradition and fabrication with good old fashioned customer support.

But rest assured, none of our products are old fashioned; our truss is manufactured from structural aluminum with 2″ (50 mm) OD X .065″ (1.6 mm) wall main cords and 1/2″ (12.7 mm) webbing.

Manufactured with precision fixturing to insure repeatability and complete modularity, our very first length of display truss manufactured 30 years ago will slide together with a component fabricated today. Our truss never goes out of style and never changes in quality or configuration.

Even if you have purchased a second hand booth manufactured by VersaTruss Plus and want to increase its size, our standard components are guaranteed to be 100% compatible.

We have built our reputation on delivering high quality products like the saying goes, “They don’t build them like they use to” Well VersaTruss Plus does and always will.

If you find yourself strolling around a trade show, it won’t take you long to find a VersaTruss Plus trade show booth as the quality shows from a distance, with its superior welding, beautiful lustre and precision craftsmanship.

We get asked on a regular basis, how do we provide a superior product at such competitive prices? It’s simple; our manufacturing facility takes advantage of every modern process available to fabricate our aluminum truss products. We have the one of the lowest scrap factors in the industry with highly precision equipment to economically produce our products.

We have applied leading edge Supply Chain initiatives to allow us to procure our structural grade aluminum at reduced prices which is passed onto you our customers.


Need Exhibit, Display or Lighting Truss, Contact VersaTruss Plus Today! for a superior product at competitive prices.

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