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Exhibit and Display Truss at Disney Land

If you ever want to see an array of creative applications for aluminum exhibit truss and display truss, take a stroll through Disney Land. The famous Walt Disney himself Display-Truss-Disney-Landhad a vivid imagination that to this day few men can come close to matching. Walt had a vision and his innovative resourcefulness was second to none and incorporating thousands of linier feet of exhibit, display and lighting truss was contusive to creating his visions…

With every application imaginable, Disney Lands as embraced and applied display truss to its full functional capability.

Take a look at the frame work for the entrances to Disney and you will see a complex web of display truss permanently placed as the foundation for the beautiful arches. Many of the kiosks are fabricate from both modular and custom display truss and of course miles of lighting truss not only in the background of the rides creating atmospheres to perfection but also within pavilions and displays throughout the massive grounds that we so enjoy.

Versa Truss Plus has had the honor of supplying the Disney Corporation with a multitude of truss configurations and structures. The VersaTruss Plus product line not only is a cosmetically and structurally superior product but offers a cost effective solution for many applications.

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