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Show Booths That Stand The Test Of Time

Trade Show Booths That Stand The Test Of Time

Trade shows have been around since the beginning of time. Centuries ago, market places and areas of trade were forms of trade shows where farmers, blacksmiths and a host of other businesses would set up display booths to offer their products to the public for money and barter.

Over the years trade show display design and booth structure has morphed into a business all of its own. There are actually trade shows focused on trade show products Trade Show Booths That Stand The Test Of Timeand accessories.

Since the early seventies display truss has been a product that has been a standard display foundation that many rivals have tried to re-design or completely dismiss yet if you look at the successful companies and really beautiful displays and exhibits at trade shows and conventions, they are for the most part build on a display truss foundation.

There is a reason for this, pop up displays are great if you want a booth that never changes and keep in mind you have to be able to lift the complete structure into place as all of the components are hinged yet they are called portable. Back board displays made of fabric and fibre board look great but become weathered very quickly and are also not contusive to expansion or modification.

Modular truss trade show booths offer portability, flexibility, growth and above all offer a lifetime cost effective solution for almost all trade show designs.

If you ever have the opportunity to take a stroll through a trade show or convention in Las Vegas or in any of the major trade show centres internationally, you will find a host of modular display truss designs and configurations that will inspire even the most critical entrepreneur.

Trade show display truss to this day still offers the most cost effective flexible solution for exhibitors worldwide.

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