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The Perfect Trade Show Booth

To create the perfect trade show booth the following ingredients are required:

  • Solid foundation to build upon
  • Clear defined graphics
  • Implement technology
  • Demonstrations
  • Offer support services
  • Offer giveaways
  • Trained staff
  • Safety


Trade Show Booth Foundation

The best and most popular trade show booth foundations are manufactured out of aluminum display truss. Truss booths offer flexibility in design, modularity and can be purchased at reasonable prices in kit form or can be customized. Over and above the obvious advantages of using exhibit truss for trade show booth foundations, increasing the size of a modular truss booth is as easy as a phone call.

Clear Defined Graphics

Professional graphics play a huge role in the initial attraction to a trade show exhibit. Quality, well placed graphics will attract attention from afar and draw patrons in from a distance. Make sure your graphics have eye appeal and blend in with your exhibit surroundings and landscape. Centralize your company name and logo.

Implement Technology

Flat panel monitors are a cheap way to keep patrons busy while exhibit staff are busy with other potential clients. The video presentation needs to be professionally done demonstrating products and services clearly defining company contact information.

Background music is easily added using wireless Bluetooth speakers but keep the volume down to a low natural level.

Trade Show Demonstrations

Product demonstrations offer the ability to communicate to the public exactly what a product will do. Make sure the presentation demonstrates how a product will increase the quality of life, or for a better use of terms make life easier. Be sure to interact with the audience, ask questions, be happy, make them laugh and most important gain their trust.

Offer Support Services

Offer a free cell phone charging. This is accomplished by mounting charging pads on a table on the outskirts of a display. As people pass by they simply place their phones on one of the pads and the phone will charge keeping them in the area of your exhibit longer.

Create a Wi-Fi hot spot for internet services. Many large commercial buildings will have limited internet access creating a Wi-Fi hot spot will also attract people to an exhibit.

Placing a couple of chairs within the confines of a display will give patrons an opportunity to sit down and take a break while absorbing exhibit information and products.

These services will attract people but it is imperative that you have small non-intrusive signage advertising these services.

Offer Giveaways

Giveaways which may range from small gifts that have a company name and contact information printed on them to brochures and booklets. People love to sit down after a trade show and review the products they saw.

Trained Staff

I can’t stress the importance of having knowledgeable trained staff on duty at a display. The staff needs to be well versed in the products and services they are representing and have sales knowledge and abilities. Above all, they need to be polite, courteous and understanding to customer’s needs.


Keep all displays and artifacts out of the way of the public. Do not have things hanging down where patrons can hit their heads or knock things over. Having a solid cushioned floor within a display footprint will help protect your products and additionally comfort your customers who have been potentially walking for a couple of hours on concrete isles.

Further, keep in mind that many clients may have their children with them. Make sure your exhibit is child proof not only for you own piece of mind and sanity but also your patrons.

We hope these simple tips will help make your trade show display experience positive and profitable

We offer over 30 years’ experience in the display truss business with a company reputation that speaks for itself.

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