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Display Truss Trade Show Booths- What are the Advantages

When it comes right down to it, no other display system can compete on the same level as a trade show exhibit manufactured out of display truss. Many companies have Display Truss Advantages Ofcome and gone with new ideas, different versions, and of course fabric and fold up options. All of these have their place if you are a very small company and never plan on expanding, but for the most part, take a step back and look at the companies that have a couple of exhibit years’ experience under their belt. You will notice for the most part, they have all either started with and are still using or converted to display truss exhibits.

There are some basic reasons for this that we will now explore.

First and foremost, unlike other display systems, display truss structures have a long life expectancy. To take it to the extreme, if you take care of it, you will have it for the life of your company.

Exhibit and display truss booth systems are inherently modular by design which means your present day structure configuration can change at any given time simply by adding more modular components or adding customized entities into the structure itself. Many trade show booths started out as a simple 10 x10 basic package and are now 20 x 20 or larger simply from normal growth and increasing organizational demands. But within that expansive structure, the original 10 x 10 trade show booth is still there meaning your initial investment was never lost, it was simply expanded.

While we are on the topic of investment, many newbies to the trade show industry think that a truss display booth is expensive. When you consider that a good quality Saving Money With VersaTruss Plus Display Truss10 x 10 trade show booth can be purchased for between $1999.00 and say $2200.00 at the time this article was posted and that you can incorporate you banners, lighting and sound systems anywhere within the confines of the display without spending another dime on mounting hardware and by purchasing a flat panel monitor mount you can easily display the largest flat panel safely on your truss display, try that on one of the other options.

So we have now moved into accessories for example lighting, yes most trade shows have specifications on the lighting that they allow on the premises. If you purchase lights that are Vegas certified, you will not have any problems and these lights will mount anywhere on your trade show exhibit right out of the box without additional hardware, plus you can move them as required. Mounting sound systems and banner advertising is a simple as adding a couple of snap rings.

Finally let’s look at portability and assembly. Quality aluminum display truss is manufactured out of structural grade aluminum for a couple of reasons, one, and it is strong, two, it holds its beautiful luster and three, it is lightweight. A 10 x 10 display truss booth can be assembled in five minutes by one person if they have done it a couple of times. Each component slides together with ease and is easily handled because of its light weight.

In any case, portability and ease of assembly just comes natural with quality aluminum exhibit and display truss components.

Display Truss Offers:

  • Longevity – Exhibit and display truss will last for decades and holds it value
  • Modularity – The exhibit configuration is easily change or increased
  • Cost- Initial cost is comparable to other display systems but cheaper to maintain and modify
  • Accessories – Adding accessories is a simple task as is moving them at any given time
  • Portability – Display truss is lightweight and easily handled
  • Assembly – Components will slide together and are connected using bolts or quick connecting pins.

In summary, you can try as you will, but there is no better value for your dollar when it comes to the trade show display industry and exhibit options then display truss.

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