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The Advantages of Modular Exhibit and Display Truss

When it comes to trade shows and exhibits, modular exhibit truss and display truss have a number of advantages over other systems.

Advantages of Modular Exhibit Display TrussExhibit truss for the most part is an economical way for any company to start their trade show career. Many companies will start with a 10×10 display and work within these confines as their business grows and their company branding gains exposure.

The 10×10 exhibit truss display or trade show booth is the perfect venue for entrance level companies. It offers incredible versatility allowing presenters to customize signage, move accessories and tweak the display as their needs change and gain experience.

More importantly, unlike any other display system, the modular exhibit truss system can be modified or increased in size simply by adding additional components. Your initial investment is not lost as your existing display will simply be incorporated into your new structure.

For example increasing a 10×10 tradeshow booth into a 10×20 is done by adding two modular truss sleeves and two lengths of 10’ truss. Using this method you have not only saved your initial investment but your new display footprint is created at a minimal cost.

Many large organizations started out with a 10×10 display and now have large 20×20, 40×40 or larger exhibits simply by following these simple steps.

In addition custom curved tops and accents can easily be integrated giving the presenter a completely custom look with minimal effort.

Assembling an aluminum exhibit truss display is an effortless task. Each component is extremely strong and resilient, yet light in weight allowing your display boot structure to be assembled in a short period of time. Plus optional quick connects are available further reducing setup time.

Using modular exhibit truss and display truss only makes good common business sense as it provides a professional presentation foundation, offers resilience, provides unsurpassed longevity and is an economical solution for your presentation needs.

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