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Creating a Custom Truss Trade Show Booth or Exhibit Structure

How To Design and Create a Display Truss Structure, Exhibit, Booth, Entrance Way, Kiosk or Start / Finish Line

You want to grow your business, brand your name, professionally demonstrate your products or get proper exposure for your services. You know what you want, but what comes next?

It all starts with a vision. Grab a piece of paper and start sketching what is on your mind, don’t worry about dimensions, just sketch out what you envision as a creative aluminum truss structure, kiosk, stall or booth to grasp the attention of the public.

Once you have a basic sketch, and I use the word sketch freely because let’s face it, we aren’t all artists, you need to contact VersasTruss Plus.

Below is an actual sketch that we received recently for a truss structure to be used on a golf course as a practice swinging area and kiosk sitting area. The final product is to be used to not only provide a safe area for golfers to practice their swing and relax with a drink out of the sun but to post advertising for the golf course sponsor.

Next send us an email at info@versatrusplus.com and let us know what you are thinking. You can use the contact form at the bottom of the page to simplify the process. Using the form below will allow one of our highly trained designers a short period of time to prepare before we contact you. This is usually within an hour or two during working hours.

Remember our design services are free for you to use.

The next step is for our truss design team to discuss exactly what your needs are and your final expectations. As you are talking, our designer is freehand sketching your exhibit. At this time we will start to add dimensions as we discuss your needs and the package starts to come together.

After the conclusion of our discussions, our designers will start to create your aluminum truss framework on our CAD system. Usually the same day but sometimes the next day, depending on the complexity of your presentation requirements, we will send you a detailed CAD drawing showing your exhibit truss framework and structure design. The exhibit drawing or blueprint will show all of the required truss components, structure dimensions and cost.

The CAD drawing will look similar to the example below; you will notice the similarity to the above sketch.

At this time we will be discussing required changes, prices and options available for your truss structure and finalize your design.

You are now done, it’s completely up to you if you want to proceed with your project or make further changes. Our design team is highly trained to be extremely patient and helpful throughout the process.

Creating a simple or complex exhibit truss structure or display truss booth, kiosk or stall is as simple as an email

If you decide to proceed, the fabrication process will start immediately and your truss exhibit structure will ship on the agreed date.

Summary of Steps to create an Aluminum Truss Exhibit, Booth, Kiosk, Archway, Entrance Way or Start Line.

1)      Make a simple sketch or simply contact us for more information.

2)      Send Email to info@versatrussplus.com or complete the simple form below

3)      Our design team will contact you

4)      The CAD drawings are sent to you usually within 24 to 48 hours

5)      You decide on any changes or variations

6)      We start fabrication immediately if you decide to proceed


If you need more information, feel free to contact us at VersaTruss Plus

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