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MTDS - The acronym MTDS stands for M-Modular T-Truss D-Display S-System

Custom Aluminum Exhibit Displays and Precision Truss Structures

MTDS – The acronym MTDS stands for M-Modular T-Truss D-Display S-System

In the ever demanding and competitive world of business promotion and company name branding, display exhibits play a colossal role in

the mainstream of advertising. From the simplest kiosk to the most intricate truss trade show booth design, modular and custom aluminum truss systems traditionally have played a key role in their development.

MTDS - The acronym MTDS stands for M-Modular T-Truss D-Display S-System

“MTDS” – M-Modular T-Truss D-Display S-System

Many small businesses looking to grow in the public eye will choose a simple 10 x 10 aluminum truss kit simply because of its cost effectiveness and modular design allowing the initial structure to be expanded as required simply because of its modular nature.

Larger corporations tend to sway towards the custom truss exhibit design with multi-level truss configurations that have intricate curves, angles and full circular display formations allowing for a completely integrated structure.

When it comes time to designing your truss structure, you have a couple of options, one is to sketch out your vision and contact your truss manufacturer for their input or you can partner with a truss manufacturing company and they will help you design your vision within limits of your budget usually for free.

Aluminum truss systems have pushed the boundaries of their traditional home at trade shows and have become the structure of choice for outside applications. Aluminum truss systems can withstand the most extreme weather conditions making them the perfect choice for start and finish lines at major race sporting events. Many mainstream arenas and sport stadiums have turned to truss systems to create expansive entrance ways and exits for crowd control, security measures and provide an excellent means to display event news and sponsor banners.

In any case aluminum exhibit truss is the most versatile display mechanism on the market today. It offers Longevity – giving you years of worry free service, Modularity – easily expanded or modified, Cost Effectiveness – the initial cost is typically comparable  to other display methods but offers the freedom of expansion and change without repetitive initial cost outlays.

Aluminum Truss Definitions

MTDS – The acronym MTDS stands for “Modular Truss Display System”

Custom Exhibit Truss – Truss exhibits or structures that are custom manufactured to meet a specific need or design

Modular Truss – Aluminum truss that can be interchanged enlarged or reduced in size

Display or Exhibit Truss – Aluminum truss that is precision manufactured for display purposes possessing a detailed finished appearance


When it comes time to create your own MTDS – Modular Truss Display System contact VersaTruss Plus.

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About R Joy: R Joy has been in the Exhibit and Display Truss business for over three decades. He has been instrumental in some of the most intricate and expansive aluminum truss display structures and booths. His focus has been on creating a quality truss product that is not only economical but provides superior cosmetic appearance and longevity. Over his extensive career, he has created not only one of the most widely used aluminum truss exhibit modular systems but has taken pride in providing exhibit and display truss to the smallest organizations to some of the largest corporations worldwide.